Andreas Evangelou

Andreas Evangelou

Founder and CTO of EOSza, EZAR, Coolx and Tswaps as well as CBO at Turncoin and TheXchange

I am an expert computer and blockchain engineer with a vast range of knowledge and skills in software and smart contract design, blockchain architecture and computer systems architecture.

I have been part of the Telos ecosystem from the very beginning. During that time, I have been building the Telos ecosystem with our various projects and infrastructure. Additionally, I helped bring Telos to the spotlight in Africa by having a presence at one of Africa’s biggest blockchain events in 2020.

Moving forward, I would now like to build on the foundation I have helped create. I plan to do this by leveraging my knowledge, connections and projects to bring millions of users to Telos. I am in a unique position to create a partnership between Telos and the large community from these projects.

From my experience I believe I can help guide Telos in the best direction to take for creating the best blockchain environment for onboarding more projects.

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