Betty Waitherero Njoroge

Betty Waitherero Njoroge

Betty Waitherero Njoroge is Blockchain and IoT Director at Wecol Ltd, a green energy developer located in Nairobi, Kenya. A proof of concept nano pilot project is set to go operational in September 2021, producing 15 to 20 tons per day in demonstration of our concept on tokenized green energy ecosystems.

Wecol Ltd focuses on biomass for industrial thermal energy by net default due to the ever present demand.

Wecol provides sustainable biomass energy for industries in Kenya, and their approach is to utilize their own developed species of Drought resistant Grass in the form of briquettes as a renewable source of green energy. Their supply chain process will be managed by blockchain, and in this regard they will be partnering with the Telos Foundation Environmental, Sustainability and Governance group as well as building their DApp on  

Betty has over 15 years' experience in media and communications, she is a self taught Ethereum enthusiast and is lead innovator for the technical team at Wecol Ltd.

"I believe I would be bringing my experience in green energy systems and knowledge of the financial and payments systems in Africa to the Telos Foundation, which works very well and in line with the objective to grow the Telos network and community globally. Specifically, being able to tap into an existing and urgent need for reliable cross border payments, reliable KYC facilities and ID for undocumented Africans across the continent.  

Making Telos the most preferable digital payments platform in Africa is possible and I believe I have the capabilities to build membership to a critical mass.

I also will bring my knowledge of governance and structures of non-profits to the board allowing for members to have a guidebook and/or constitution to lean on, as well as a clear roadmap for entire community inline with our collective intentions.

Thank you for voting for me.

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