Erika Elder

Erika Elder

Erika is the Director of Operations at GoodBlock and has experience in video production, marketing, non-profits and hospitality. She has been involved with Telos since January of 2019, and is passionate about bringing transparency and efficiency to the foundation.

“I believe Telos has the ability to change the world for the better. Meme coins come and go but Telos is here to stay, and I want to help bring awareness to this amazing project and help it blossom into the thriving ecosystem I know it's capable of.

I've worked for GoodBlock since 2019 and spent that time absorbing as much information about Telos as possible. I had a great mentor since before working at GoodBlock with a lot of experience working with foundations. I also have significant experience with non-profits.

I've worked in parallel and with the current foundation members for a long time now and I think I will bring diversity and a fresh perspective to the board.”

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