Being known as Fycee in most crypto-blogging platforms, it has always been my aim to share awareness to everyone about what cryptocurrency can bring to our lives.

Currently a part of the Marketing & Community Growth Team headed by Lliam Buckley I am considered to be the most active member handling:

  • Telos Network Facebook Group - Admin
  • Telos Community Telegram Chat - Admin
  • Telos SEALS co-founder
  • Telos-Give-Away co-founder and multi-sig account holder
  • A five-time top Ambassador in APPICS six-month season, successfully lead the APPICS-Philippines Team as a Senior Ambassador.
  • Formerly a Customer Service Representative in AT&T handling multiple Line of Businesses, Harman-Audio Tech Support Representative, and phone banking representative in a Top International Financial Institution.
  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering in one of the Top State Universities in the Philippines (PUP-Taguig City, Metro Manila).

I see Telos as one of the leading blockchain of Web 3.0 - that is my vision for Telos ever-since I started here and handpicked by the CEO herself.

With an intensive Sales and Marketing experience correlated with customer service, Business-to-consumer and Business-to-business real-time support, this will be my greatest edge handling a corporate seat in a fast growing and the most powerful blockchain in the DeFi history - The Telos Network.

It is my aim to stick to my mission and vision to Telos. It would be an honor to represent the Asia and The Pacific Region in proposing projects to benefit the community members and the growth of the Telos Ecosystem.

I am currently in partnership with TNMItech.com for a Block-Producing activities and as a start-up. It is a single-proprietorship IT-services for organizations.

My ultimate mission when I get elected as a Telos Foundation Board of Director is to create projects that would cater the use of the Telos EVM and related Telos Dapps for livelihood programs that would range from Micro-scale level up to large-scale companies in order to retain the ultimate goal of being real-world-ready and mass adoption.

I will continue to expand my expertise by collaborating with brilliant individuals to develop more use-cases for the Telos Blockchain and the TLOS Token itself.

I will STILL continue working for the Telos Foundation team under Lliam's leadership and do what I still do with an extra mile just like what I have always been doing.

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