J.T. Buice

J.T. Buice

J.T. Buice (pronounced Bys) is a technical business owner with broad competencies in all areas of IT Infrastructure including LAN and WAN networking, server architecture (UNIX & Windows), mass storage, and telecommunications.

Since 2015, Buice has served as CEO of Kainos Technologies, a managed services provider he co-founded bringing fast and efficient technology solutions and support to the state of Texas.

Before Kainos, Buice joined Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) as IT Manager to deliver always-on IT that enabled SpaceX to serve commercial and government entities in furthering the exploration of space with an end goal to make life multi-planetary.

Buice joined the Telos Community immediately following its announcement in 2018 as a co-founder, chain validator and appointed to the team that launched the chain at block 1. Buice served on the first Telos Foundation board of directors in 2019 and is ready to pick up that torch again to help drive Telos to the next level of mass adoption utilizing his existing relationships with many of the board candidates and a level-headed business mind set.

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