Kevin Quaintance

Kevin Quaintance
  • Member of the Telos Launch Group since Oct 2018
  • Top 6 Telos Block Producer
  • Actively involved in TF business since 1/2021
  • Contributor to the Telos Core Dev
  • Co-architect and author of TEDP2 and TEDP3 fiscally conservative proposals
  • Custodian of Telos Kickbot:  Monitors BP block production activity
  • Current board member of prominent California financial institution, HCCU
  • 30 year IT industry veteran
  • Manages the DevOps practice for a leading financial corporation operating globally

Here is my pledge if elected to the board:

  • Continue a fiscally conservative agenda to ensure Telos is a self-sustainable project
  • Demand spending transparency with the community (with reasonable privacy where needed due to contractual commitments)
  • Improve accountability of the Telos Core Dev roadmap
  • Push forward our Telos marketing agenda to improve our visibility in the Crypto space
  • Re-establish our leadership as the governance chain

I strongly believe if we can achieve these goals, Telos will become the successful project that we all believe it can be!

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