Paul Gonzales

Paul Gonzales

My name is Paul Gonzales. I’m from Lima, Peru. South America. I’m an English teacher. I’ve been teaching for 25 years. I’m also VP for the Peruvian Baseball Federation. I’ve served as VP since 2017 till now. I got into crypto in April this year when I bought my first coins. Then I got involved in a couple of projects and eventually started exploring the NFT world. I became an NFT creator with a few collections that got decent public acceptance. In September I came to know Telos, loved the project, the philosophy and opportunity; so much so that I invested all my crypto capital into it. Why should you vote for me considering that I am new to Telos and crypto and that I am not too acquainted with the technicals of the blockchain ? I’d say that what seems a weakness could turn out to be a strength. As a new investor my main objective is to drive the price of Telos up, of course without sacrificing Telos’s core values. On the other hand, my 5 year experience as a decision maker within a board of directors give me the ability to facilitate dialog within the board and help the group reach consensus, and pick the best choices.

También me dirijo a los miembros de la comunidad de Telos de hispanoamérica a quienes espero representar en el directorio de la Fundación. Pueden contar conmigo para transmitir sus proyectos, ideas, inquietudes, etc. Quiero llevar su voz de manera que todos juntos hagamos crecer cada día más la familia Telos. Thanks everybody and happy holidays.

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