Stefano Ferretto

Stefano Ferretto

I was born the 10/10/1990, I'm from Italy, for most of my life, I did sports, like soccer, tennis, ping-pong, basket, until I start to swim and from that point until 20 years old I was a pro-swimmer.

I did many jobs, like lifeguard, swim teacher, personal trainer, driver, etc...

At 16 years old, I created two sites where I talked about mobile phones (it's one of my passion) there was a forum with over 50.000 members, then I shut them down because I didn't have much time.

At 20 I built with my friends two Android games, one with Appinventor the other one with Unity3d.

At 22 I started to follow the Crypto World, but I didn't pay too much attention...

At 24 I started a career in a network marketing agency, and in 3 years I was able to have a turnover of about 4m$ and a team of about 5k members, in this years I was able to learn marketing and how to manage a large organisation.

At 26 I started to invest and creating cryptocurrencies.

At 28 I started with my brother an agency where we mentorship people about blockchains and cryptocurrencies, and did many meetings talking in front of hundreds of people.

Right now at the age of 30, I'm living off my crypto investment that I was able to grow from 10k$ to almost 1m$ in just two years.

My vision for Telos is that we're already one of the biggest blockchains in this world, we only need to be recognised by more people and I will use my knowledge on marketing and community to do this!

As an investor, I know what kind of blockchains are working right now and what a crypto investor like me is looking for! We have almost everything to attract a mass of investors and to help us reach at least the Top 10 and a mass adoption!

My experience is: Built 2 sites at the age of 16 with 50k members. -As a Networker, I created a turnover of about 4m and managed a team of about 5k members. -Talked in front of hundreds of people about Blockchain and Crypto. -Turned 10k$ of crypto assets to almost 1m$ in just two years.

I'm a good fit for the Telos Foundation because I can give a vision and an external view and feel like a crypto investor with good profitability and knowledge of other projects.

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