Sukesh Kumar Tedla

Sukesh Kumar Tedla

Sukesh Kumar Tedla is the CEO and Founder of TelosGreen, Unbiased and Kryptoskatt. He possesses a Masters' Degree in Telecommunications and has more than 6 years of professional experience working in both technical and leadership roles at companies like Ericsson and Volvo Cars.  He is also currently serving as the Chairman of the Swedish Blockchain Association and has been part of the blockchain scene globally for the past 4 years. He is a young entrepreneur challenging the implications of technology on societies at large.  

He is one of the founding team members of Telos Network and has been actively contributing to the Telos ecosystem since its inception. In recent times, he has been leading the Exchange & Liquidity operations as part of the Telos Core Team.

His candidacy to the Telos Foundation board aims to improve the enterprise relations front and focuses on improving internal workflows so that Telos can be self-sustainable in long term.

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