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I've spent the last decade of my life being a union electrician, working in building automation as well as process controls and industrial control fabrication. I believe I bring a blue collar set of skills to Telos that can only be learned through dogged experience. I've been a strong advocate in the Labor movement in Canada. I also bring a strong background in labor organizing and working class activism, sitting as delegate member for regional labor councils along with being my local union's vice chair for 2 years. I bring a lived experience of operating committees that work in the communities they serve. I believe I will bring a strong ethic of fighting for working class people as they enter cryptocurrencies.

I think my foot hold in the NFT space will help aid Telos in becoming a key player in the ecosystem. I feel that I am well attuned to what is evolving and changing within the environment, as well as the relationships I've built with up and coming art productions.

I currently have been commissioned to create art work for top collections in Open Sea and Magic Eden who's connections could help court customers over to the telos NFT market and begin to make it a legitimate player in the space. I'm very passionate as an artist and bring that drive into the things I am passionate about. I see NFT's exploding with potential in the coming year and would love for us to be the style setters rather than scrambling to figure out what is going on.

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