Benefits of the Telos Network

Telos Network provides developers and entrepreneurs the tools to build, deploy and run high-performing next generation applications complete with their own digital economies.

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Seed funding available

The network supports promising projects

Aligned community

Created to power purpose-driven action

High performance

Fast transactions and low fees

Modern UX

Users can’t tell it’s built on a blockchain

Developer resources

Review the below documentation and reference materials to get started

Evolutionary Governance

Document Repository


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Telos Network

Explore the Telos Network developer stack

The Telos Network is fast becoming the ultimate web 3.0 stack, providing developers and entrepreneurs the tools to succeed in the next generation of the decentralised internet economy

Telos Works

Works is the networks milestone based initiatives system built using Telos decide

Telos Swap

Multiply token trading pairs offering a network Bancor liquidity service for token swaps

Telos Login

Login is an OAuth provider enabling secure decentralized login/permission system of telos

Telos Blockchain

The best governed DPOS public blockchain built with the leading blockchain protocol technology

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Telos dstor

dstor revolutionizes global data storage for web 3.0. Fast. Reliable. Censorship-resistant

Telos decide

Governance engine enables apps and services to democratize decision verifiably and immutably

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Telos amend

Open source decentralized document amendment service used for Telos governance

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Developer toolkit

Review the below documentation and reference materials to get started

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