2021 Board Elections Pt. 5: Elections Kick Off

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It's been an amazing year of growth for the Telos ecosystem and we're excited to finish it by with kicking off of the Telos Foundation Board Elections ! This has been an ongoing initiative for the past few months and after lots of dedicated work from our Telos Core Developers, the election contracts are ready to go!

Want a recap? Check out our past pieces covering this process every step of the way:

Some things have changed since those announcements, such as the initial predicted timeline. But we're going to be going over all of that and more in this latest update!

Who are the candidates and who can run?

Anyone with a Telos native account holding TLOS can run for a board seat ! All that's required is for the account holder to go through the steps laid out in our next section. We've done our best to compile any interested candidate that has reached out to us on our candidates web page.

However, being on that page is not a requirement and there could be other names on the ballots that are not included there. If you're considering running and would like to be included on this page or receive any further guidance from the Telos Core Team please register your interest with this form.

If community members are interested in connecting with candidates for questions, they can reach out to them through the contact information on the candidates web page linked above. Additionally, candidates and community members can take part in discussions surrounding this initiative through the Telos Foundation Telegram group.

Election Timeline

December 18th - 23rd: Candidate Nominations/Acceptance

The first step of the elections smart contract is the nomination period, which will run for six days. During this time two actions must take place:

  • The candidates Telos account is nominated to run
  • The nominated account accepts the nomination

Any Telos native account can be nominated by anyone using the nominate action here, but in order to be added to the voting ballot the nominated account must accept the nomination. If candidates require any additional assistance in navigating this process, please reach out to Kevin Quaintance at q@telosglobal.io.

December 24th - January 4th: Voting Period

This is the final step of the election and we want to encourage everyone holding TLOS to get involved! Once the nominations are complete, community members can begin voting for candidates.

Anyone holding VOTE  tokens can take part in the vote. VOTE mirrors the amount of TLOS an account holds and simply requires that users join the Telos Governance Token group to hold it. As there are nine candidates being voted in, each account can vote for up to nine candidates. Voting utilizes the 1tokennvote function. This means that every VOTE token held counts for one vote on the candidates that are selected.

The voting period will last for 12 days. During this time an account can go back and change their selections as many times as they want, until the voting period closes. At that point the election will be complete and our new Telos Foundation board will be elected!

What apps can I use to take part?

There are two tools that users can utilize to take part in the elections process. Desktop users can head to app.telos.net and mobile users can use the Decide Voter Mobile app.

For both of these methods, users will need a Telos account with resources staked. They will also need to import the account into a wallet such as Anchor by Greymass.

Check out the videos below by The Telos Crew for a look at setting up your account and voting in the Decide Voter Mobile app.

Conclusion: Get Ready to Vote!

With the nomination period underway, anyone interested in running for a Telos Foundation board seat is encouraged to carry out the nomination steps as soon as possible. During this time, community members should get to know the candidates and be ready to vote from December 24th - January 4th.

Big thanks to our community, developers, candidates, core team, current board and everyone else involved for their dedicated work in this initiative. We look forward to welcoming in the new Telos Foundation Board in the New Year!