Artist Accelerator by Telos x Minted Vodka: How to Submit

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The Telos x Minted Vodka Artist Accelerator contest provides upcoming NFT creators with the opportunity to generate revenue and get their artwork noticed! Throughout November, we’re inviting all NFT artists to mint a new collection on Telos. (With a minimum of 3 pieces) Each collection will be available for purchase on December 1st during our minting shopping frenzy.

You read that correctly! We’re going on a massive shopping spree the day following the contest deadline! We will collect as many of the newly minted pieces as possible, spending up to $4000 USD! Furthermore, the Telos NFT team will select one artist to receive a marketing push, a $500 USD grand prize, and become a Minted Vodka featured creator.

How to Submit Your Entry

  1. Visit the Joyn Page
  2. Under the “Requirements” section, click “Connect Discord”
  3. Once you enter the Discord, Submit a ticket via the “Joyn Entry Ticket” channel
  4. Send your artwork to the ticket channel. Here you will be connected with the NFT team that will verify your submission, walk you through the minting process, send you TLOS to mint your artwork. (Click here to learn how to add Telos EVM to your Metamask wallet here)

How to Create a Collection and Mint your NFTs

  1. Go to Minted.Vodka and connect your wallet.
  2. Create an Artist Profile in the settings. This will ensure your eligibility to be a featured creator on the Minted Vodka home page.
  3. Click “Create NFTs” and then “Create New Collection.”
  4. Select Network: TLOS, Select Collection Type: Digital Art.
  5. Put in your Collection details & Submit.
  6. Select Mint New Items & add your artwork details. Repeat this step based on how many NFTs you would like in your collection.

How to Put Your NFTs up for Sale

  1. Go to your Collection Page, and select the NFT you would like to put up for sale.
  2. Click “Add a Deal” and select what Deal Type you’d like and how many units of the NFT you would like to sell. Then click submit.
  3. Select “Add Coin” and “WTLOS” as the token.
  4. Choose the amount of “WTLOS” you want to sell your NFT for.
  5. Enter Deal details & Submit

Good Luck to All Participants!

November will be an exciting month for Telos NFT, and we can’t wait to see your creative works of art! So be sure to mint your collections before the end of the month to ensure your NFTs are eligible for our shopping spree, and you’re eligible to win the grand prize!

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