2021 Board Election Pt. 4: Election Candidates

Let’s Meet the Candidates.

You may have heard a lot about the upcoming Telos Foundation elections – they’re a big deal in the Telos community! But you may not have heard from the candidates themselves. If you find yourself wondering who they are and how they want to shape the future of the Telos Foundation, this is the article for you!

We reached out to our candidates and asked them to share some information with the community! Some have included email addresses or Telegram handles if you want to get in touch with them. We'll be updating this article with more information as other candidates reach out to us so check back often! By reading or reaching out, you’re well on your way to becoming an informed voter and engaged community member.

Need a refresher on the election process and updates? Scroll through our latest elections update, and then read the elections section of the August 2021 newsletter for a good recap.

Enough from us. Let’s hear from our candidates!

Erika Elder

Erika is the Director of Operations at GoodBlock and has experience in video production, marketing, non-profits and hospitality. She has been involved with Telos since January of 2019, and is passionate about bringing transparency and efficiency to the foundation.

“I believe Telos has the ability to change the world for the better. Meme coins come and go but Telos is here to stay, and I want to help bring awareness to this amazing project and help it blossom into the thriving ecosystem I know it's capable of.

I've worked for GoodBlock since 2019 and spent that time absorbing as much information about Telos as possible. I had a great mentor since before working at GoodBlock with a lot of experience working with foundations. I also have significant experience with non-profits.

I've worked in parallel and with the current foundation members for a long time now and I think I will bring diversity and a fresh perspective to the board.”


Email: erika@goodblock.io

Andreas Evangelou

Founder and CTO of EOSza, EZAR, Coolx and Tswaps

CBO at Turncoin and TheXchange

I am an expert computer and blockchain engineer with a vast range of knowledge and skills in software and smart contract design, blockchain architecture and computer systems architecture.

I have been part of the Telos ecosystem from the very beginning. During that time, I have been building the Telos ecosystem with our various projects and infrastructure. Additionally, I helped bring Telos to the spotlight in Africa by having a presence at one of Africa’s biggest blockchain events in 2020.

Moving forward, I would now like to build on the foundation I have helped create. I plan to do this by leveraging my knowledge, connections and projects to bring millions of users to Telos. I am in a unique position to create a partnership between Telos and the large community from these projects.

From my experience I believe I can help guide Telos in the best direction to take for creating the best blockchain environment for onboarding more projects.


Email: andreas@eosza.io

Telegram: @Andreas86

Byron Foli

I live in South Surrey, British Columbia Canada. My partner and I first got involved with cryptos at the beginning of 2017. We were lucky enough to find Ethereum at $10. It was indeed an exciting year. I also got involved in mining to support the chain.  

I believe that crypto is here to save the average person from the clutches of corrupt Governments and bankers. I discovered EOS shortly before it launched its mainnet and thought it would be the end all be all. It proved otherwise but I was lucky enough to receive an airdrop of TLOS tokens and from my research, quickly discovered that Telos addressed the problems EOS was having and corrected them. I was sold and liquidated all my EOS for TLOS.  

I became more involved with the Telos community and foundation back in August 2020 knowing it’s huge upside potential and seeing areas that needed improvement. Telos has matured since then with a larger focus on marketing and promotion which is fantastic.

My work, as a professional accountant in public practice since 1982, has taught me to look at situations and problems from as many angles as possible. I am a non tech but have the business experience to bring to the table if I am elected to the board. Telos keeps me young and energized. I believe in its capabilities and see it as a top contender among its competition.  


My e-mail in case you have questions is bnf@shaw.ca. Thank you.

Ajinkya Jagtap

I was introduced to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency in 2016 and it has been a continuous learning experience since.

I was chosen as an Appics Junior Ambassador after a rigorous interview and then promoted as the Senior Ambassador within 6 months. My role primarily being onboarding influencers, growing the community and promoting Appics as an alternative to Instagram.

Appics migration to Telos brought me to this amazing community in September 2020 and I wanted to contribute & grow the Telos Ecosystem further.

That is how ‘CreativBlock’ as a Block Producer was born, and the existing BP’s helped immensely the technicalities.

My experience in Corporate Wellness – organizing sports events & marathons has inspired me to develop a Health – (fitness focused) app, currently in the planning stages of being developed on Telos.  

I am looking forward to being a Board member in the Telos Foundation, and an active contributor to help develop the Telos Ecosystem. We have an amazing Telos Core Development team. Telos will be the most sought after blockchain by Developers because of the technological developments we have over the other networks – the Telos EVM, Telos Private & Telos ID, to name a few, will be game changers for the entire crypto ecosystem.

My focus will be on making Telos a brand with the right mix of Marketing, Promotions and PR. Another important aspect will be to make $TLOS a currency that is widely recognized and adopted, and to have the appropriate partnerships in place for the same.

Betty Waitherero Njoroge

Betty Waitherero Njoroge is Blockchain and IoT Director at Wecol Ltd, a green energy developer located in Nairobi, Kenya. A proof of concept nano pilot project is set to go operational in September 2021, producing 15 to 20 tons per day in demonstration of our concept on tokenized green energy ecosystems.

Wecol Ltd focuses on biomass for industrial thermal energy by net default due to the ever present demand.

Wecol provides sustainable biomass energy for industries in Kenya, and their approach is to utilize their own developed species of Drought resistant Grass in the form of briquettes as a renewable source of green energy. Their supply chain process will be managed by blockchain, and in this regard they will be partnering with the Telos Foundation Environmental, Sustainability and Governance group as well as building their DApp on Telos.net.  

Betty has over 15 years' experience in media and communications, she is a self taught Ethereum enthusiast and is lead innovator for the technical team at Wecol Ltd.

"I believe I would be bringing my experience in green energy systems and knowledge of the financial and payments systems in Africa to the Telos Foundation, which works very well and in line with the objective to grow the Telos network and community globally. Specifically, being able to tap into an existing and urgent need for reliable cross border payments, reliable KYC facilities and ID for undocumented Africans across the continent.  

Making Telos the most preferable digital payments platform in Africa is possible and I believe I have the capabilities to build membership to a critical mass.

I also will bring my knowledge of governance and structures of non-profits to the board allowing for members to have a guidebook and/or constitution to lean on, as well as a clear roadmap for entire community inline with our collective intentions.

Thank you for voting for me."


On Discord - BettyWaitherero#7980

On Telegram - @BettyWaitherero    

On email - bwaitherero@gmail.com

Filip Poverud

I'm 45y old, working as a Business Advisor for the Norway Post and focusing on the ROI from our Salesforce implementation.

I want to be part of Telos because I'm a visionary and see the potential of how we can go mainstream for everyday people.

I enjoy questioning what is beyond and build synergy, dynamics and awareness by developing visions into something that is tangible.

My qualifications are my strong IT skills, and the fact that we build a hub between technology and people on Telos for Telos.


Telegram: @CryptoWabbit  

e-mail: fpoverud@gmail.com

Kevin Quaintance

* Member of the Telos Launch Group since Oct 2018

* Top 6 Telos Block Producer

* Actively involved in TF business since 1/2021

* Contributor to the Telos Core Dev

* Co-architect and author of TEDP2 and TEDP3 fiscally conservative proposals

* Custodian of Telos Kickbot:  Monitors BP block production activity

* Current board member of prominent California financial institution, HCCU

* 30 year IT industry veteran

* Manages the DevOps practice for a leading financial corporation operating globally

Here is my pledge if elected to the board:

* Continue a fiscally conservative agenda to ensure Telos is a self-sustainable project

* Demand spending transparency with the community (with reasonable privacy where needed due to contractual commitments)

* Improve accountability of the Telos Core Dev roadmap

* Push forward our Telos marketing agenda to improve our visibility in the Crypto space

* Re-establish our leadership as the governance chain

I strongly believe if we can achieve these goals, Telos will become the successful project that we all believe it can be!



Sukesh Kumar Tedla

Sukesh Kumar Tedla is the CEO and Founder of TelosGreen, Unbiased and Kryptoskatt. He possesses a Masters' Degree in Telecommunications and has more than 6 years of professional experience working in both technical and leadership roles at companies like Ericsson and Volvo Cars.  He is also currently serving as the Chairman of the Swedish Blockchain Association and has been part of the blockchain scene globally for the past 4 years. He is a young entrepreneur challenging the implications of technology on societies at large.  

He is one of the founding team members of Telos Network and has been actively contributing to the Telos ecosystem since its inception. In recent times, he has been leading the Exchange & Liquidity operations as part of the Telos Core Team.

His candidacy to the Telos Foundation board aims to improve the enterprise relations front and focuses on improving internal workflows so that Telos can be self-sustainable in long term.

Jim Hewitt

I have been active in the EOSIO space for well over 3 years now and have a deep understanding of both the process of the blockchain and the Telos community. I believe I’m well placed to continue to help Telos move into this next phase of crypto mass adoption.

I have been in Telos from its inception and as part of the Telos UK BP team, chaired the “Go no Go” mainnet launch meetings and was part of the team that drafted the current Telos Blockchain Network Agreement TBNOA. I was also elected to the original Telos Foundation Board and was the first Telos Foundation President.

The next few years are an important time for the project. The current Telos Core Team have been doing a great job and are now in a position to consolidate Telos as a major force in the crypto space. I see my role on the TF Board (if elected) to help to continue and consolidate the work of the current Telos Core Team and at the same time build out more transparency and structure into the TF to increase community engagement


Telegram: @Jim_Hewitt

Brian Tse

I’m based out of Toronto, Canada and I have an extensive background in accounting, finance, and advocating for free speech. I began my journey into cryptocurrencies in 2016 and quickly discovered the advantages of blockchain technology.

Combined with increased mainstream social media censorship, my partners and I co-founded Discussions.app in 2017. Built on the principles of free-speech and decentralization, Discussions is a platform where even the creators cannot censor any posts. Originally launched onto the EOS blockchain, we migrated to Telos in 2020 when we discovered the exceedingly supportive Telos community and developers.

Due to my positive experience with the community, I can envision Telos as the most used blockchain in the world. I want to help steer Telos towards this vision by improving its governance and proposal system to ensure that new projects and existing developers continue to develop and grow with Telos. By doing so, we will be able to make Telos more accessible to mainstream users. I believe this is a sustainable and healthy way to grow the Telos Ecosystem, to become the most used blockchain in the world.

My candidacy to the Telos Foundation board seeks to improve transparency and governance to attract new and existing partnerships to grow the ecosystem.


Telegram: @BrianT7

e-mail: brian@novusphere.io

Discord: BT#6666

Uma Hagenguth

I am Co-founder & COO of APPICS (the social media dapp based on Telos). The company APPICS AG, founded in 2018 in Zug, Switzerland is a blockchain ecosystem that contains several high quality products and services, including tokenization and marketing for crypto projects. For the past 2.5 months my team and I have been working closely with the TF, re-branding the online presence of Telos, creating new posting plan, strategizing on the rollout of campaigns like Telos EVM and I have become very involved in the daily processes, since joining as a marketing manager. It was important to us at APPICS that Telos’ brand speaks for itself across all mediums, attracts new community members, developers and investors, while keeping the community updated and entertained at the same time.

Our founding team at APPICS has been in the fin-tech & blockchain space since 2011, mining, trading, marketing and scaling companies. Prior to founding APPICS, as a team we’ve already successfully worked together as a marketing agency, helping brands and later "influencers" to establish themselves on social media through growth hacking strategies and software. Our aim is to introduce the masses to the benefits of blockchain technology through our extensive network in the mainstream & blockchain industry, AI tools and expertise.

Our APPICS network consists of influential team members, powerful brands and foundations. Besides our strong influencer network, we have also organically grown our Ambassador program to over 70 Ambassadors in over 20 countries.

Two of our APPICS Ambassadors have even joined the TF, one is running for a board seat as well; which shows how strong and willing the APPICS network is to support Telos in forging ahead.

My vision for Telos is to become the leading blockchain platform for mass adoption through global brand awareness. I believe that Telos has the capability to provide an ecosystem and technical foundation (e.g customizable smart contracts) for dApps to thrive, realize their visions and ideas, grow a community and launch their product. The more people know about the benefits of Telos, the more valuable applications will be built on the blockchain, which attracts more users and catapults Telos to the front of the pioneering decentralised networks. This is why we chose to build APPICS on Telos and have a strong incentive to help Telos succeed and become the (decentralized) Google of the Blockchain space.

If elected to the board, I will be able to bring all of my knowledge, more time and dedication, the APPICS network, connections, tools and expertise to Telos. Since I am already involved in the current marketing processes, communication and rollout of new features, being part of the board will help in pushing concepts to realization that will accelerate the scaling of Telos in the most efficient way.



Conclusion: Elections are Just Around the Corner!

We loved reading about the passion and experience each Telos Foundation board member candidate brought to the table. We hope you did too!  

Stay tuned for future updates on the election logistics – we’re working hard to make the process as seamless and efficient as possible.

If you’re interested in running, there’s still time! Drop your name in this form and we’ll be in touch.

If you’re a community member, stay tuned for more events and ways to get engaged in this important event. Don’t forget to join our elections Telegram & Discord to continue the discussion there!