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PlayNFT, the latest project built on Telos, is a next-level NFT ecosystem that combines the YouTube/Twitch streaming phenomenon, blockchain gaming, and NFTs. Through its platform, PlayNFT tackles the lack of utility in the fast-growing NFT market in the following ways:

  • NFT creators and holders can connect with the PlayNFT platform and make their tokens usable in games
  • Game developers can use the PlayNFT API to create content/utility for NFT holders
  • Content creators and streamers can create NFTs to distribute to their viewers via their own storefront
  • NFT marketplaces and projects can show the utility each NFT is linked to

Until now, it has not been easy for NFT creators to make their digital assets useable in third-party games and dApps. PlayNFT enables streamers and creators with a way to meaningfully engage with their communities and boost the utility of their NFTs. 260 streamers have already registered with PlayNFT to leverage its storefront feature and provide their audiences with branded NFTs they have created.

Please join us in welcoming PlayNFT to the Telos Ecosystem!

How Does Your Project Benefit The Telos Community?

Combined, Twitch and YouTube have over 60 million content creators and streamers. All of these creators — and their communities — will now have access to minting on Telos via PlayNFT.

We have created a solution that is easy to use, regardless of crypto knowledge or experience. Anyone can link up their Twitch or YouTube account, create a storefront, and start minting branded NFTs on Telos in just a few clicks, while supporters can easily mint NFTs from their favorite creators’ collections by visiting their dedicated storefronts.

We’ll also be launching support for TikTok creators this month, which will open up the platform to an entirely new, wider audience, so stay tuned!

Why Did You Choose To Build On Telos?

We firmly believe the future of NFTs is cross-chain, which is a core pillar of our platform.

As we integrate new networks into PlayNFT, we’ve prioritized projects like Telos, which align with our values and vision for the future as NFTs become ingrained in our everyday lives. Beyond addressing core problems like speed and transaction fees, Telos is designed for sustainability and doesn’t compromise on decentralization. — PlayNFT Team

Where Can Our Community Follow Your Project?

If you’re a Twitch or YouTube creator, you can link up immediately and start minting NFTs on Telos via our website, playnft.io!

We also invite you to follow along on social media:

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