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Introducing SEEDS

A Conscious Currency with Direct Democracy for a Regenerative Society

Seeds is a payment platform and financial ecosystem to empower humanity and heal our planet. SEEDS offers tools to help your business or movement regenerate our world while encouraging collaboration, cooperation, and community building.


First - you gain a better-than-free, intrinsically-stable currency fueling a cooperative economy. Telos offers free transactions, but some credit cards give money back. We need to be better in every way to achieve the goal of evolving beyond national currencies and transforming our money. SEEDS is designed from the ground up to be easier to use and offer better rewards to Citizens for participating.

Second - when your business accepts Seeds, you join a cooperative economy. In SEEDS, organizations have incentives to help each other succeed. Developers of applications can earn revenue without charging fees, unleashing the paradigm of “better-than-free apps”! This will empower the multitude of peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms underpinning the sharing economy revolution, especially P2P local food-sharing platforms. Alternatives to all online markets can be made cheaper by simply accepting Seeds.

Third - you get a direct voice. Your local physical community gets money to spend however you and your community decide. Proposals can range from interest-free loans to buying your tiny house, co-owning a commercial kitchen, or receiving grants to regenerate native ecosystems.

Fourth - you support the regeneration of our planet. 12.5% of all new Seeds are directed toward Local and Global grants to regenerate our planet. SEEDS creates a competitive financial stream to fund the most ecologically healing projects.

SEEDS + Telos

Seeds can serve as an algorithmic stable coin on Telos.

Telos is the global leader in decentralized governance with an engaged, supportive community. From its inception, Telos was designed to resist cartels, prevent hoarding, and hold block producers accountable to excellent execution. Telos features a delegated-proof of stake consensus model, worker proposal system, arbitration options, and an article-by-article constitution ratify and amend structure. These are capabilities that SEEDS is embracing and will continue to innovate with.

Telos operates using EOSIO blockchain technology, the fastest and most powerful blockchain technology ever built. The benefit of lightning-fast and free transactions are critical in driving user adoption and making SEEDS the preferred choice for everyday spending. The broader EOSIO community is known for bringing its talent and passion to life with new tools and features launching nearly every week. SEEDS benefits from the array of mobile apps, open-source smart contracts, user-onboarding technologies, and an excellent community support network.

SEEDS and Telos are a perfect fit. SEEDS is building a medium of exchange for daily use, with rewards (inflation) governed for the community, by the community, to enable the Regenerative Society we desire. SEEDS will be launching a network of integrated apps with high user counts and high activity. Scalability is a must and we are confident Telos can meet that need.

So, #WhyTelos?

The majority of SEEDS protocols currently exist on Telos (it was chosen specifically for its focus on ESG (environment, sustainability, governance) and is highly efficient as far as energy consumption and cost to maintain the decentralized network.- SEEDS Team

About Telos

Telos Blockchain (TLOS) is a 3rd generation smart contract platform that offers compatibility with Solidity, Vyper, and Native C++ smart contracts, providing full EVM/Solidity support and a fee-less native smart contract layer upon which the EVM is built. Telos’ performance is unrivaled in the industry and was purpose-built to offer speed, scalability, cost-effectiveness, decentralization, and end-user fairness. The network can sustainably support hundreds of millions of transactions per day, produces blocks in 0.5-second intervals on a first-in-first-out basis (eliminating frontrunning on the network), offers a fee-less native, and low per transaction cost EVM (<$0.10), and a fully decentralized block producer network.

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