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The NFT community welcomes a new marketplace to its ranks. is a hub for NFT graphic art, audio, video, and Web3 material. It offers lower fees on sales than prominent competitors and is led by a top 5 Certik Certified developer; it’s also the latest project to join the Telos ecosystem.

Unlike many other marketplaces, is not a fork of other marketplace code. Instead, it is built from the ground up and is proprietary to MemeNFT, LLC; high-level security protocols and proxies also ensure users can safely mint and trade their favorite digital assets at all times.

Billed as “The People’s Marketplace,” takes a more lenient approach to fees by not charging profile setup fees, listing fees, or minting fees — unlike Opensea. Furthermore, fees on NFT sales are just 2% versus 2.5% with OpenSea and 5% with TofuNFT.

Users can expect the development of V2 to begin towards the end of July and early August 2022. This updated version will contain unique features such as trait-specific percentage rarity tools for NFTs, peer-to-peer verified chat system, peer-to-peer secure trading API, gamified and customizable user profiles, and achievement tags such as Verified Trader, KYC Verified Project and more.

How does your project benefit the Telos community?

By offering an extremely user-friendly, highly efficient and cost-friendly marketplace, MemeNFT gives back power to NFT collectors in the Telos community. Education is at the forefront of MemeNFT as it expands into other markets and chains.

Why did you choose to build on Telos?

MemeNFT is constantly looking for innovative projects and leading project executives that are actively building in the web 3 space. Projects that focus heavily on improving the space and educating mass adopters will be key to cryptocurrencies' success.

Telos’s network of no-front running and a lightning-fast EVM fits perfectly within the ethos that is so it’s a no-brainer.

Where can our community follow your project?

Twitter: @memenftofficial

Telegram: @memenftcom


Infographic Website: project.MemeNFT.con

Certik Audit:

Instagram: @MemeNFTofficial

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