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DappRadar is partnering with Telos and has begun listing and tracking applications built on the network ! Discover why this is massive news for the Telos ecosystem!

Telos is excited to announce that we’re joining the ranks of the 18 other major blockchains being tracked on DappRadar, the number one global NFT and DeFi dapp store! Telos is a #RealWorldReady blockchain, and this milestone will play a big role in continuing to drive mass adoption for our network and its applications. Don’t have time to read the whole announcement? Here are the highlights:

  • Telos is one of only 19 total blockchains to be tracked on this platform.
  • View current Telos apps listed on DappRadar here.
  • Plenty more Telos projects new and old will be rolled out on the platform in coming months.
  • Projects built on Telos EVM will also be tracked, along with Telos native apps.
  • This partnership will encourage mass adoption of the Telos ecosystem and help open Telos up to users, investors and developers from the expansive world of DeFi!
  • Telos will be the only blockchain supporting both dominating protocol technologies on DappRadar (EOSIO C++ & Solidity EVM).
  • Telos developers can add their own dapps to DappRadar through the Developer Portal.
  • Read the DappRadar Announcement

What is DappRadar?

DappRadar is a platform that tracks, analyzes, and ranks decentralized applications running on top industry blockchains. It’s serves as a dApp store where end users, investors and developers can discover, explore, and manage dApps. Their commitments to making this data insightful, convenient, and rewarding line up with Telos’ goals for mass adoption of blockchain technologies. DappRadar is excited about a future where decentralized applications are used all around us,” said Skirmantas Januškas, CEO and co-founder of DappRadar. That future starts with blockchain solutions that offer interoperability and scalability solutions. That’s why we are excited to integrate Telos into our dapp ecosystem, emphasizing that DappRadar truly is the biggest dapp marketplace and discovery platform in the world."

Telos is making history.

You’re witnessing an incredible moment in Telos’ history. Once we launch the Telos Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Telos will become the only network supporting the dominating protocol technologies on DappRadar (EOSIO C++ & Solidity EVM).

Users will soon be able to discover apps built on the Telos network, whether they’re built on Telos Native or Telos EVM. This opens Telos up to the ever-expanding world of DeFi, making it easier to bring in new investors and developers. We can’t emphasize enough how important this will be for exponentially growing the Telos ecosystem.

“Integrating Telos is the logical step,” noted DappRadar their announcement, “as DappRadar believes in a multi-chain future. Blockchain services like Telos that allow an easy deployment of EVM-compatible dapps have a bright future.”

You can see all the action for yourself: Dapp Radar has already begun integrating several Telos apps such as T-Swaps, AreaX, Zeptagram, LocalScale and Heart Farms, with many more being listed soon. Make sure to check out the current list on DappRadar here.

Telos is already home to a growing ecosystem of over 100 projects, and community members can expect dApps both new and old to be rolled out on DappRadar in the coming months. Can’t wait? You can check out the entire list of Telos integrations here.

We want our community to be just as excited as us about launching on DappRadar, so we’ve launched our #BuiltOnTelos campaign on Twitter. Be sure to follow us to hear about a different integration of the Telos blockchain every day in June.

Get Involved with Telos

We’re grateful to DappRadar for their confidence in Telos and support for the ecosystem, and we are excited for the many opportunities this will create for the future of Telos.

As we work toward mass adoption, Telos continues to welcome partners operating in every area of the industry and if you want to get involved, we’d love to hear from you!

We’re consistently looking for innovative projects, industry partners, new investors and everyone else in between. If this sounds like you, drop us a line here!

Worth mentioning…

In case you’ve forgotten how awesome Telos is, here are some of the highlights:

  • 10,000+ Transactions Per Second (TPS)
  • 120+ Projects
  • A Highly Decentralized DPoS network
  • Eco Friendly
  • Evolutionary Governance‍
  • No Front Running
  • Near Feeless Transactions
  • BTC & ETH Scaling

…And is home to the Telos Ethereum Virtual Machine.

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