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Win Some TLOS By Experiencing the Speed of the Decide Voter Mobile App !


Picture this – you’ve just walked out of a voting station, and someone hands you a sticker that reads, “I voted!” You tuck it into your wallet, where it sits for a month or so before you eventually throw it away.


What if something as easy and important as voting within the Telos network could win you some TLOS? That’s why we’re partnering with GoodBlock to host a contest and give away TLOS across the month of September 2021 for using the Decide Voter app!


Read on to find out all the contest details and learn more about the history of the Decide Voter app and the importance of the Telos Decide Engine.


A Very Short History of Why Telos Rocks at Governance


Governance is one of the pillars of the Telos network, as much now as it was when the Telos Whitepaper was released back in 2018. That pillar is based on our revolutionary open-source governance engine, Telos Decide, and it makes us stand out from other blockchains not only for governance but also as part of a true ESG crypto.


In 2021, GoodBlock released a mobile app that gave the Decide Engine a facelift, making the interface easier to use and nicer to look at. This made the process of voting for block producers, worker proposals, and changes to governance structures so much easier!


But let’s back up for a second – what does it mean to vote for a block producer? The Telos blockchain operates on a protocol known as Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). In summary, DPoS gives community members the power to vote for block producers that they believe have a vested interest in the network and keep the network decentralized.


Some block producers contribute to the Telos ecosystem by creating dApps. By the way, The Decide Voter app was created by the block producers GoodBlock and The Telos Crew!


We want to show you the speed and accessibility of Decide Voter with a series of contests! This is a great way to learn about the various voting processes on the Telos network and earn some TLOS at the same time.


Vote for BPs with Decide Voter to Win TLOS!


Here’s how the first part of the contest will work. First, use the Decide Voter mobile app to vote for block producers. You can download the app by following the link from the Decide Voter website at


Once you’ve downloaded the Decide Voter app, connect your Telos account using a compatible wallet like Anchor. Tap on the menu button and look for the ‘BP Vote’ button. Then it’s as easy as selecting up to 30 BPs and signing the transaction with your wallet!

Make sure you take some time to research the BPs you're voting for and support those that you would like to see validating the network. You can read more about each BP on their website link available from


You can follow along with this tutorial from if you’re having trouble.

Congrats, you just voted for block producers and helped to keep Telos decentralized! You’re halfway to winning some TLOS.


Next, use to find the transaction created from your vote. You can easily do this by searching your username and looking through your most recent Vote Transactions by using the Category Action Filter. Click the TX link and copy the transaction URL you'll need it soon!


Finally, submit all the required information on this Google Form. We'll use this info to confirm that you completed the contest tasks correctly and send you your TLOS if you're one of our randomly selected winners!

This contest will run from September 9th 2021 at 7:30pm ET- September 16th at 7:30pm ET. We will select 10 winners on September 17th with a reward of $50 in TLOS each. All prizes will be sent from the gamesnevents account. Good luck!


Stay Connected & Stay Tuned for More Contests


We’ll have more contest tasks coming up throughout September 2021. Make sure to stay connected with our social channels to find out when the new tasks drop!

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Power Your Project on Telos


If your project could benefit from Telos Decide, Decide Voter, or any of the other tools that Telos has to offer, we want to hear from you! We’re constantly looking for new developers, partners, investors and everyone else in between to get involved with the Telos ecosystem. If this sounds like you, drop us a line here!