EVM Technical Update - July 8

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Welcome back to another Telos Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) technical update! Be sure to check out our last update if you haven't seen it yet.

Welcome back to the bi-weekly Telos EVM technical update! Although our roadmap hasn’t changed much since the last technical update, we wanted to keep the community in the loop on everything going on behind the scenes. We’ll also be giving the community a look at the highlights from our recent EVM AMA! Before we jump into all of this, check out the roadmap below for a reminder of how close we are to mainnet launch!

Updates From The EVM Team

Blockchain Explorer

The Hyperion team is continuing to put in dedicated hours as they prepare the newest version of the block explorer. As soon as this step is finished, we will be ready to begin the synching process necessary to launch mainnet.

Complex dApps/Partnerships

We have several potential dApps and partnerships looking to launch on the Telos EVM once it’s live. All of them are currently waiting to run some final tests on the testnet. This will happen once Hyperion is completed and the updated testnet has been re-synched. At that point we will be able to announce them to the community. We’ll likely roll out these announcements as part of our marketing strategy during the mainnet synching period.

Internal Transaction Tracing

We are currently testing and validating the internal transaction technology. This tool will be necessary for popular AMMs and other major DeFi applications that may want to launch on Telos EVM. Initially this was planned for our post-launch checklist, but we’ve expedited the process. We’re excited to confirm that internal transaction tracing will be completed before mainnet launch and applications will be able to utilize it right away.


We’ve had many community members asking us about our Telos EVM AMA from a couple of weeks ago. This was an awesome event where members of the Telos EVM team sat down and gave an overview of development and what to expect in the final days before mainnet launch. Check out the highlights below!

Get Involved In The Telos EVM!

As we work toward mass adoption, Telos continues to welcome partners operating in every area of the industry! The EVM update is a massive move for Telos and if you want to get involved, we’d love to hear from you! We’re consistently looking for innovative projects, industry partners, new investors and everyone else in between. If this sounds like you, drop us a line here!

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