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It is estimated that at the end of 2021, global individual crypto ownership topped 300 million users, along with 18,000+ businesses accepting cryptocurrency payments from their customers. However, while these figures are remarkable, there still remain barriers to entry that prove to be slightly more than annoyances.

New users face a disjointed and confusing process when attempting to access the crypto market, thus dramatically decreasing the chances of crypto’s mass adoption. It is a pain point that Fortis Finance, a project built on Telos, tackles head-on by enabling users to access the economy of Web3.

Through Fortis, users can enjoy a secure and straightforward method of converting the fiat currency of their respective countries into crypto. Its ecosystem features three main products, each with a unique use case.

  • Fortis App — A secure and user-friendly app that allows users to access the FORT ecosystem from their smartphones. It boasts features such as Fortis Staking to earn passive income, a borrowing option through Fortis Lend, and real-world utility facilitating payments through the Fortis payment card.
  • Fortis Gateway — The infrastructure that enables businesses and consumers to transact using crypto.
  • Fortis Labs — A project incubator that will provide early-stage blockchain projects with funding and resources to promote successful launches.

Fortis presents a complex, simplified network so you can feel confident and secure with your crypto, and Telos is thrilled to have this sophisticated platform in our ecosystem.

How Does Your Project Benefit The Telos Community?

Fortis benefits the Telos community by creating an easy-to-use method to turn your country’s native currency into cryptocurrency with the Fortis Onramp. Fortis is also working towards the Fortis Gateway, which will allow businesses to accept crypto as payment.

Why Did You Choose To Build On Telos?

Fortis is the coin of the people — and what the people want is superior technology, governance tools like the Decide Engine, and a strong community! Features like feeless native transactions, a high-powered EVM, and incredible speed make our vision of a world without arbitrary financial limitations possible. — Fortis Team

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