How to Purchase Telos NFTs on the Tofu NFT Marketplace

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Telos NFTs are on many collectors’ minds — especially after the massive success of the Mission NFT contest. This tutorial will take you through the simple process of purchasing Telos NFTs on the Tofu NFT Marketplace! Ready? Let’s go!

Time to Shop
First step! Let’s make sure you select NFTs on Telos, so you don’t miss out on all the fantastic NFTs available on this blockchain. Next, you’ll see a chain option button at the top of your screen; click on that to open the dropdown menu of all known networks and, you guessed it, connect with Telos!

Once Telos is selected, connecting your Metamask wallet will be next. Then, in the top right-hand corner of your screen, click the little figurine icon to open the wallet options. A new window will appear with a list of compatible wallets.

After selecting Metamask, you’ll be prompted to approve the connection with the Tofu NFT marketplace. Next, choose the one you would like to connect to if you have more than one wallet linked to your metamask, as seen in the image below (left). You can then confirm that wallet to proceed to the Tofu marketplace.

You’re in! Time to shop for NFTs till you drop. Take some time to scan through the different NFT projects until you find one, or some, that you love.

In the mood for bacon? Who isn’t!? Barnyard Critters is one of Telos’ most popular collections.

If you’ve gone through the available Critters and have found the one you want, it’s time to seal the deal and make it yours. Click the blue “Buy now” button to proceed with the purchase.

The process of completing the purchase involves three simple steps. First, you’ll be asked by the platform to trust the collection. Don’t worry; all NFTs on the Tofu NFT Marketplace undergo a stringent vetting process to ensure assets are 100% original and immutable.

Next, you’ll be asked to verify yourself as the new owner of the ERC address you’re purchasing. This will lead you to a signature request in your Metamask wallet. Finally, sign the transaction to move on to the next step.

Once the transaction is signed, you’ll be asked to agree to Tofu NFT’s terms and conditions. Feel free to read through them and click accept once you’re ready.

Now you’re ready to make the purchase! A window will open that will display the price of the NFT you want and feature a blue “Buy” button. After clicking the button, you’ll be prompted to confirm the transaction in your Metamask wallet. Click “Confirm,” and voila! You’re the proud new owner of a Telos NFT.

A window will pop up that provides you with a confirmation of your purchase.

You can also see the NFT in your collection by clicking the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of your screen and selecting “My NFTs.”

Welcome to the Telos NFT Family!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on purchasing Telos NFTs on the Tofu NFT marketplace! So now that you’re all set, what are you waiting for? Build your collection and become a part of the growing Telos NFT community!

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