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In our latest edition of Backed by Telos, we’re excited to introduce a project that leverages the power of blockchain technology to provide a healthcare data management solution for patients and healthcare workers in countries with struggling economies. is a revolutionary cross-chain platform that utilizes an AI smart digital disease health registry APP with Self sovereign identification & Medical event NFT Passports. Furthermore, it is secured by blockchain to re-energize the landscape of health management and data utilization.

Patients can easily access Immunify.Life platform through a mobile app (available on Android and iOS), which creates a digital disease registry that stores patients’ medical records. These records can be accessed at any time and shared with the patient’s consent, and all sharing is performed through a de-identified process.

The collection of data highlights the potential Immunity.Life has to reshape healthcare and disease management in developing regions around the globe by providing healthcare workers in these areas with access to the data required to make life-saving decisions.

IMM Token

The Immunity.Life also incorporates user rewards through tokenization, represented by the platform’s native token $IMM. The utilities of this token are as follows:

  • Fees for access to medical data.
  • Payment settlement layer.
  • Providing rewards for patients and healthcare workers (Governments and NGOs).
  • Staking upon registration for self-sovereign identity.
  • Payment for Immunify.Life saving account.
  • Acquiring NFT digital medical certificates.
  • Purchase of goods and services.
  • Proof of Business.
  • Incentives for clinical data providers (e.g., end-users) in the form of IMM tokens.
  • Incentives for Yield Farming Protocol.
  • Part of the economy of Immunify.Life will include incentives for clinical data providers (e.g., end-users) in the form of IMM tokens.

A World-Class Team

The 20+ person team behind Immunify is a group of industry-leading professionals with healthcare, blockchain, IT, marketing, and financial expertise. With operations already active throughout Africa and Asia, Immunify is leading the effort to revitalize medical systems in desperate need of change.

How Does Your Project Benefit The Telos Community?

Users may stake IMM to specific pools through Localized Staking Pools, initiated by users and operating on localized parameters. Staking rewards to those pools are proportional to IMM staked locally versus IMM staked to all pools. In addition, local pool operators may decide the proportion of IMM redistributed to stakers versus IMM retained to fund specific (charitable) causes, thus decentralizing governance over IMM rewards.

These pools enable the telos community to stake to earn rewards and support ESG causes to benefit from their economic power while earning an APR.

Why Did You Choose To Build On Telos?

Telos is eco-friendly and the most socially conscious EVM compatible chain. With a community that is aligned and focused on ESG. Telos is a natural choice for Immunify.Life.

-Immunify.Life team

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