Meet The Telos Hack Boston WinnersMeet the Hack Boston Winners!

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Meet the Hack Boston Winners!

We are delighted to present the winners of Hack Boston, Harvard University’s first blockchain hackathon event, of which Telos was a primary sponsor. Over 300 students from Harvard, MIT, and other Ivy League universities attended workshops and discussions by our team and other leading voices in DeFi.

Telos was honored to be a part of Hack Boston and connect with the next generation of Web 3.0 innovators.

First Place: Lockbox

Lockbox streamlines the process of managing shared funds. For example, DAO treasuries, investing syndicates, VC firms with token portfolios, etc., all involve multiple individuals overlooking a shared pool of funds. Too often, these groups resort to disorganized (and insecure) spreadsheets or multisigs (that can get locked out) to keep track of spending requests, approvals, and wallet permissions. Lockbox provides intuitive, secure, and flexible software as organizations change their membership, hierarchy, etc.



Second Place: VeriFund

VeriFund is a decentralized crowdfunding protocol which allows full transparency for donors to see how their funds are spent. The protocol will require campaigns to submit a whitelist of wallet addresses where funds could go before they can ask for donations. This gives donors the confidence that campaign managers won’t simply run off with the money. The protocol will also allow campaign managers to offer an array of incentives to encourage donations.


Honorable Mentions

Blockchain for Hospital Wait Times

This blockchain project aims to compensate patients for each hour they have to wait while seeking medical care. The goal is to increase patient satisfaction and incentivize healthcare facilities to invest more in doctors and health resources to decrease patient wait times.



ShareTree incentivizes environmental stewardship by rewarding individuals who plant trees with an NFT. The NFT has qualities dependent on the kind of tree plant and the amount of carbon removed. It also rewards users with carbon credits that they may sell.



Cryptolice is a multi-chain Dapp for secure web3 contract detection. It provides users with vital information as to whether or not it is safe to execute a transaction with a contract. Once an address is entered on the Cryptolice website, users receive a security report detailing the safety of the address and whether or not they should proceed with the operation.


Frens Protocol

Frens Protocol is the Decentralized Steam on the blockchain, allowing users to make “frens” in the metaverse quickly. It is a user-owned, open social platform that any game can plug into, instantly creating value for their players by helping them easily discover their friends and the newest and latest games. All games are curated and picked by the user-governed DAO.


Congratulations to All Participants

Telos would like to thank Harvard University for an outstanding event, and we would like to congratulate all students that attended and participated in our hackathon event. After witnessing firsthand the passion that fueled their innovative concepts, we can say, with confidence, the future of Web 3.0 and blockchain is in good hands.

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