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If you appreciate NFTs that provide holders with utility and financial rewards for the collective community, we encourage you to take a closer look at the latest collection by Telos’ NFT curator, The Big Gooey. Barnyard Critters (Season 1) features 777 pixelated piggies enjoying a life of mischief on the TBG farm located in the Telos ecosystem. Through this collection, users will have a chance to gamify their NFT minting experience on Telos to earn rewards in both $TLOS and free NFTs.

Whether you’re a long-time Telos user or new to our blockchain, you will have certainly noticed a substantial increase in the number of projects building on Telos, not least of which are NFTs. This can be attributed to several factors, such as the eco-friendly nature of the Telos network and the low-cost fees associated with transactions and minting. And with the Telos Mission NFT contest currently running, the debut of Barnyard Critters could not be timed more perfectly, as more eyes on Telos means more opportunities to reap the benefits of this collection.

Piggy Attributes

The cast of characters that make up season 1 of Barnyard Critters each has distinct features that set them apart. Their traits include facial characteristics such as unique eyes, shapes, snouts, and other accessories, which can consist of jewelry, headwear, and for the more rebellious swine, cigarettes or cigars. The pigs will also have first, last, and nicknames, further contributing to their rarity. On this note, peppered throughout the collection will be some super rare Critters. These specific piggies take cues from TBG’s childhood inspirations and come with a bonus of 150 Telos and a 100% airdrop rate for the lucky users that mint them.

Piggy Prices

TBG’s Barnyard Critters Season 1 will be 45 Telos per NFT at today’s current price (.35 $TLOS). The goal is to maintain a cost of $20usd per NFT, and therefore, adjustments will be made should any dramatic fluctuations in the price of $TLOS occur.

Royalties generated from secondary market sales will be redirected back into the community pot. These funds may also be used to sweep the floor of piggies to raffle them back into circulation and provide more opportunities to win airdrops and rewards.

Barnyard Prizes

As mentioned previously, holders of these beloved Barnyard Critters will be eligible for TLOS cash prizes, the details of which are provided as you continue reading. Please note that the “Prize Pig” and “Pick of the Litter” winners are excluded from receiving further TLOS cash prizes related to this season of Barnyard Critters.

  • Prize Pig: After the mint has ended, one random lucky winner will receive 3000 TLOS for holding the “prize pig.”
  • Pick of the Litter: Two second-place winners will receive 1000 TLOS each. The first will be awarded once ⅓ of the collection has been minted, and the second once ⅔ has been minted.
  • Feeding Time: This is an opportunity for avid collectors to fill their bags with TLOS. With every 25% of the collection that is minted (194, 388, 582, 777), we’ll note who is the top holder at the time and that individual will receive one of four prizes of 750 TLOS. However, if you are consistently the top holder after every 25% mint, you can potentially win all four prizes of 750 TLOS.
  • Farmers Bounty: 25 lucky winners will receive 100 TLOS for purchasing an earmarked piggy (25 in total). These rewards will be airdropped to holders as they are minted — so keep an eye out!

The Community Fund

This pool will make up ¼ of the minting proceeds, and while the community will likely vote on the allocation of these funds, we are exploring several ideas to pitch to you all. This includes allocating some funds to purchase NFTs from other collections and airdrop them to Barnyard Holders.

The Critters Are Coming

Stay tuned to The Big Gooey’s and Telos’ social channels for upcoming announcements on the Barnyard Critter’s mint and prize distribution. Additional seasons will be added to this collection, and holders of season 1 are automatically whitelisted for season 2. We look forward to seeing you all at the mint, and thank you for being a part of the unstoppable growth that Telos continues to experience.

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