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Simplex: A Simpler Way to Purchase $TLOS

While the growth of crypto has been impressive, there remains much work to be done to expand the accessibility of cryptocurrency to a broader global audience to ensure the process of buying cryptocurrencies is seamless. Skeptics of cryptocurrency say the space is riddled with fraud and scammers, which to some extent is valid. Therefore, convincing non-believers not only to accept the benefits of crypto exist but also to adopt it will require patience and provably user-friendly and secure technology.

The Simplex Solution

Simplex is a fintech company consisting of both a cryptocurrency brokerage and a payment gateway solution. It enables anyone to purchase cryptocurrencies such as $TLOS and others from some of the most trusted exchanges in the world through a simple and secure process using their credit or debit card. Simplex offers a 100% guarantee to users in the rare event that a fraudulent chargeback occurs. It’s worth noting that to date, the company has no reported security breaches.

Simplex also offers near-instant payment processing, ensuring users receive their funds as quickly as possible. Delays may occur if there are issues with KYC or similar verifications; however, these are outlier situations.

Accessible to the Masses

Purchasing $TLOS has never been simpler for our community and can be done directly on the Telos homepage at Here’s how you can acquire $TLOS in 3 easy steps:

Step 1:

Locate the Simplex purchasing app on our webpage.

Step 2:

Enter the amount of Telos you wish to purchase, your fiat currency of choice, and connect your wallet or enter your Metamask Telos EVM wallet address. If you’re utilizing the Telos native chain, you have the option of switching to a native address by clicking on TLOS-E and selecting your chain of choice.

Note: If you don’t currently have a Metamask Telos EVM address, you can get one through this easy-to-follow tutorial:

Step 3:

After entering your wallet address, click “Continue” and enter your credit or debit card information to complete the purchase. Be sure to read through the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, and also check, or uncheck, the boxes regarding saving your card info and receiving promotional information. A support button labelled “Chat” is also available in the event you’re unsure of the process.

Once the required information is entered, click “Next” to complete the transaction — and you’re done!

Many exchanges only offer crypto-to-crypto transactions meaning users must first swap their fiat currency for a DeFi asset (i.e., stablecoins). Only then can they return to the exchange to purchase the crypto of their choice. Simplex addresses this tedious procedure and enables users to save time and unnecessary fees.

Meet the Simplex Founders

Simplex is led by Co-Founders Nimrod Lehavi (CEO) and Erez Shapira (CTO). Nimrod brings over 20 years of entrepreneurship and management experience to the company and has played a critical role in allowing Simplex to scale expeditiously. Erez’s experience as a developer has also proven to be invaluable. His resume includes working in fraud detection and decision-making systems at one of the world’s largest online payment systems, PayPal.

Leading the Way Towards Mass Adoption
Even in market turmoil, Telos remains committed to seeking out cutting-edge DeFi projects and offering an optimal network for them to build upon. We are thrilled to partner with Simplex and create innovative pathways to secure the long-term success of Telos and crypto as a whole.

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