sTLOS — TLOS Pair is Live to Farm on ApeSwap

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There is more great news coming out of the Telos Fuel Program. As you know, we recently announced a partnership with ApeSwap that opened staking, farming, and treasury bill opportunities for our communities. Today, we’re excited to share that we have expanded the farming pool to include the sTLOS/TLOS pair.

Compound Your Liquid Staking Earnings

The new sTLOS/TLOS pair on ApeSwap offers users a unique (and lucrative) opportunity to diversify their yield percentage. Users first can stake their TLOS through our liquid staking protocol to earn sTLOS rewards and then use those rewards to farm on ApeSwap.

Please refer to the following links for sTLOS Liquid Staking and the newly added ApeSwap sTLOS/TLOS farm.

Know the Risks Before Going All-In
Please note that there are risks associated with any DeFi protocol, and those who wish to participate should take into account factors such as impermanent loss before contributing to any farming or staking pool.

With that said, this liquid pairing does reduce the risk of impermanent loss as rewards generated from one pool can potentially compensate for any impermanent loss that could occur in the other.

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