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At Telos, we pride ourselves on being a network that stays ahead of the curve in developing leading protocols that benefit the DeFi community and the planet as a whole. Connecting these products with our users (and beyond) is a top priority for us, we challenge ourselves to grow our community and developers consistently. Recently, one tool has proven to be a valuable component in this pursuit and served as Telos’ platform of choice to host our two most significant contests to date, the Telos Spark Hackathon and Mission NFT.

The platform we are referring to is the Taikai Network. A hub for blockchain entities that seek to connect with creators and developers through the advent of hackathons and hiring challenges to stimulate new levels of growth and long-term sustainability.

The Taikai Hackathon Process

Taikai 大会, the Japanese word for competition, entices organizations that utilize its platform to host public or private challenges that reward winners with shares of an attractive prize pool. Public challenges are open to anyone in the general audience and are visible on the Taikai website. On the other hand, private challenges are only visible to a specific set of participants, including backers, mentors, and other authorized parties.

Participants in each contest can fall into different areas of the professional spectrum. Whether it’s a university student with ambitions to make a splash in the industry or an established dev team looking to expand their network, all are eligible to participate if their work meets the requirements posted in the challenge.

Once all entries have been submitted and the contest closes, the hosting party selects its panel of judges to vote on the winner(s). This decision is at the organization’s discretion, and the “jury” can consist of the general public, team members, or a specific group of experts chosen by the team. Voters will receive a certain number of KAI tokens to allocate towards the projects they deem to be the most exceptional. Projects that receive the most KAI tokens will win their respective challenges.

Hiring Challenge: A New Method of Recruiting the Best

Taikai provides a solution for companies needing talented personnel that also wish to expedite the hiring process. Through a Hiring Challenge, contest hosts can validate top candidates that utilize the Taikai platform in as little as 48 hours. Through its novel apply-to-earn system, potential candidates are given extra motivation to put forth their maximum effort to advance in the hiring process. In addition, those who succeed will receive KAI tokens as a bonus.

Revolutionizing the Building Process

At its core, Taikai creates challenge-based opportunities that connect creators with multiple organizations and reward top talent for their contributions. It is a positive environment for all involved and one that Telos will continue to rely on to welcome new projects and builders into our ecosystem.

Why Telos?

“We chose Telos for three main reasons. First, the versatility of their technology enabled us to work with Web2 and Web3 companies. Second, the unparalleled speed and affordability of the network and lastly, the community behind them that continues to grow.”

— Mário Ribeiro Alves — CEO & Co-founder TAIKAI

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