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The Telos Team is ecstatic by the number of entries received for the first Telos Spark Hackathon. There were 156 entries and 26 published projects. We had so many great projects that the team allocated another 20k TLOS to add two more finalists.

The judging of these projects was an incredibly challenging task for the team due to all the quality entries. Especially because they were all promising and unique. The most prevalent common denominator that all these great projects had in common was the dedication of each team.

So, without further adieu, say hello to our Telos Spark EVM hackathon winners!

The Seven Telos Spark Finalists

  • 1st place: Kluest — 100,000 TLOS
  • 2nd place: Telos Spark Bridge — 50,000 TLOS
  • 3rd place: Chedda — 10,000 TLOS
  • 4th place: Refund — 10,000 TLOS
  • 5th place: Telos.Build — 10,000 TLOS
  • 6th place: VideoWiki — 10,000 TLOS
  • 7th place: Shojiru — 10,000 TLOS

KluestApp — Real World #Metaverse

Allows users to create, play, share & monetize interactive experiences using proven cutting-edge augmented reality & geolocation technologies.

Here’s the winning team’s video submission to the Telos Spark EVM Hackathon.

Telos Spark Bridge

It is a seamless solution for users to access various dApps to effortlessly bridge their tokens between #Telos native and tEVM at a fraction of the cost and effort.


A lending protocol with isolated lending pools and VE token mechanics allows the token holders to direct token emissions to lending pools.


An expense management system for DAOs. The app tracks and files expenses such as fuel, travel, and meals. Refund makes it easier to track and reimburse all the expenses in your DAO.

Telos Build

A fundraising platform exclusively for the Telos EVM.


Turn your Event Audience into #NFT Fan Clubs. Conduct audience drops for your townhalls, launch parties, and AMAs.


A proof-of-concept of a native Telos yield optimizer. A yield optimizer with improved tokenomics to provide a further yield to farmers.

A Note From the Telos Team

These last couple of weeks have blown away all our expectations. So many quality projects are now growing deep roots within the tEVM, and they love it, and we them. There is lots of synergy here and lots of gravity to the speed, low fixed costs, and credible neutrality of the tEVM. Telos is not just a hackathon chain. It is a perfect place to build high-performance, scalable and real-world-ready applications!

Justin Giudici, CEO of the Telos Foundation

The dedication, quality, and performance of the Kluest team lead the way. We are excited to see a hackathon project close to a genuine product and could be launched on Telos EVM very soon!

Kersten Wirth, Program Manager & Speaker of the Jury, Telos Core Development

Seeing these applications built in such a short time is exciting. I am always thrilled to see executed transactions on testnet and mainnet in our block explorers as proof that the teams created something that works!

Jesse Schulman, Lead Architect and TCO, Telos Core Development

We have been overwhelmed by the quality of applicants to the Spark Hackathon. The engagement process with applicant teams has been an inspiration, demonstrating the continued strong growth profile in our dApp ecosystem. We can’t wait to have these projects built on Telos!

AJ Dinger, Head of Business Development, Telos Foundation

The proof that Telos EVM is ready to accept virtually any project and development and allows teams to build real solutions in such a short time frame is impressive. Furthermore, we are proud that our work enables the Ethereum communities to migrate and deploy on tEVM in a breeze.

Douglas Horn, Strategy and Vision, Telos Core Development

Watch as our team congratulates and speaks to the winners!

Special Thanks

We want to also thank our friends at Taikai for their support and for providing us with a platform that was seamless for our participants to navigate.

Thank you to our Telos Community for being the best supporters of this campaign. We cannot wait to share the next steps with you all!

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