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If you’re a fitness buff that loves the idea of Move to Earn but prefers other forms of exercise besides walking and running, we have some great news! You’re not alone — and luckily, it’s a problem that FitEvo, the latest dApp backed by Telos, aims to solve.

Move to Earn, Your Way
FitEvo is an innovative dApp that sets out to revolutionize the Move to Earn (M2E) space. It focuses on developing the first move network by incorporating Multiplayer, Companionship, and Multiworkout Play to Earn (P2E) activities.

The extraordinary Multiplayer mode will be the first of its kind in the world of M2E games — allowing players to exercise together and connect with fitness-loving individuals to stay motivated by multiplying their earnings. FitEvo is here to set new M2E standards with programs like the Squad Challenge, Team up, and Event Game mode.

FitEvo also features custom-designed NFT companion characters. Every bit of hard work users put in will be reflected as progress impacting the evolution path of your NFT. Expert-designed evolution, breeding, rental and elemental systems are to support FitEvo’s sustainability and vision.

Fitness should be boundless, and FitEvo breaks down all barriers by introducing the multi-workout option for every user’s preference. From running to Cycling to Swimming, FitEvo’s list of activities is full of surprises. Yoga or Boxing to earn will also become a reality with FitEvo, which utilizes advanced technology like 16-point tracking.

Don’t limit yourself to walking or running. Stay fit, and earn your way.

How does your project benefit the Telos Community?

The Move-To-Earn industry has reached over $2.21 Billion in market cap to date. However, the M2E market is only limited to pedometer-based fitness (i.e., walking/running).

FiteEvo is primed and ready to evolve the Move-To-Earn industry further with variety and NFT gameplay. We believe that fitness variety and additional layers of gamification are keys to driving growth in the long run, which helps provide Telos Community with a truly engaging experience while accommodating any fitness level.

Why did you choose to build on Telos?

We chose Telos for several critical reasons:

  • Fast & Scalable: Telos has tested 10,000 transactions per second and 0.5s block, which is exceptionally efficient and made the decision to build on Telos an easy one.
  • Active Community: Telos has >96K Twitter followers, >24k Telegram members and >7K Discord members, which shows the activeness of the community. Furthermore, these three social platforms are FitEvo’s main target. So, we firmly believe collaborating with Telos can engage our collective communities to achieve a win-win situation.
  • Outstanding Portfolio: Telos’ boasts an impressive portfolio, and we see great potential for collaboration and synergy within this ecosystem. Therefore, it would be our pleasure to be a part of Telo’s portfolio.

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