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As the GameFi sector continues to attract waves of new players, demand has grown for guilds with the capacity to facilitate this influx of users and the assets utilized throughout NFT gaming ecosystems. As such, Telos is thrilled to welcome Sky Meta, a team that is on the cutting-edge of developing the tools P2E gaming guilds require to scale effectively.

The Trifecta of GameFi Scalability

What started as a guild in the second quarter of 2021 has evolved into a dev team that provides three core components to help make GameFi more accessible to a broader audience. The first product in Sky Meta’s three-piece lineup is their NFT management SDK. This tool was designed to provide a management solution for investors and guilds. This allows both parties to authorize their scholars to use their NFT assets securely and efficiently while having the tokens earned automatically calculated for each party.

The NFT Oracle & Research Platform is Sky Meta’s second offering. This tool will utilize machine learning to take marketplace and on-chain data to create pricing models for different games. Based on their unique traits and stats, the pricing models will then provide appraisals for NFTs in a given game. The NFT Oracle can then be used to provide users with real-time appraisals for the NFTs in their portfolio — as long as it is a game that Sky Meta supports.

The last item in Sky Meta’s product suite is the Guild Platform. This tool allows guilds and casual investors to easily manage, delegate, and monetize their GameFi NFTs. The Sky Meta platform also contains several unique features that will motivate and incentivize recruitment while also tracking performance.

How Does Your Project Benefit The Telos Community?

By providing management tools for gaming guilds, we empower both new and existing games in the Telos ecosystem with a powerful and scalable platform for player management. These products will provide a more attractive offering for projects looking to launch on the Telos Blockchain and help drive the evolution of GameFi.

Why Did You Choose To Build On Telos?

We believe that low-cost transactions and speed are key to any good L1 solution, and we see Telos as being able to provide a fantastic solution to both. We also are very happy to see that Telos is environmentally friendly as we believe it’s important to support projects that care about the environment. We believe GameFi will thrive on more than one chain and therefore believe it is crucial for our project to be multi-chain.

About Sky Meta

Sky Meta is an NFT gaming guild and a pioneer in management solutions for game NFTs. In addition to being a guild, Sky Meta is building a suite of accessible tools on its platform to make it easy for anyone to build and scale their own guild.

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