How to deploy your TLOS on the Telos and Ethereum blockchains

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The bridge to deploy your TLOS on either the Ethereum or Telos blockchain 1:1 is now live ! Using the pBridge you can peg-in and peg-out of the blockchain of your choice, much in the same way you can with BTC & PBTC, if you are familiar with the Telos native swap platform, Tswaps.This is the first step in our plan to integrate and introduce TLOS to multiple blockchain communities, beginning with the biggest of them all, Ethereum.At the time of writing, our yield farming event on FarmingBad.Finance is ongoing, so you already have some fun choices to make in terms of how you want to deploy your TLOS – REX or yield farming? Staking or liquidity pool? You decide.

How to use the pBridge

Here is how to interact with the pBridge and move your TLOS between the Telos and Ethereum blockchains:

Using Telos Web Wallet

Start by heading over to the Telos Web Wallet -

Link the web wallet to your current Telos wallet such as SQRL or Anchor. As long as you have either of these programmes open when you click ‘link’, it should bring up a pop-up in the wallet for you to approve the link.Next, click ‘Send’ at the top of the web wallet, you will then be directed to a page with all of your Telos native tokens. Select TLOS.

The next screen will ask you to enter the amount of TLOS you want to send, either in US Dollars or TLOS.

When you have entered the number you want, click ‘Next’. Finally, you will be presented with a page with a choice of network, Telos or Ethereum. Select Ethereum and copy and paste your ETH wallet address (starting with 0x) – here. There is no need to enter any other details, only the ETH wallet address.

Click ‘Confirm Send’ when you are ready and you are done!

Bridging from Ethereum to Telos

To bridge from Ethereum to Telos you can use the ptokens website for now, this option will be added to the Telos Web Wallet in the next 1-2 days. As always, if you run into any issues or want any further clarification feel free to jump into the Telos Community chat on Telegram, where there are many team members who will help. Happy bridging!

If you have a question or would just like more information please contact us by email at