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The Second Day Of Our Telos Texas Tour At Consensus

Welcome back to another report from the Telos Foundation’s travels at Consensus — the hottest crypto conference of the year! And we’re not just talking about the temperature of Austin Texas. The energy radiating from the bright minds and crypto builders congregating at the Austin Convention Center is red hot. And Telos is right in the middle of it all!

As with other articles in this series, which you can read here and here, we’re going to let you know what you can expect from Telos’ presence at Consensus. We’ve got some exciting events lined up at Telos World — and we’ll announce the winners of the Kluest treasure hunt.

Let’s jump in!

Telos World Agenda

We’re getting ready for a fabulous second day at Telos World, our very own Telos-themed meeting room at Consensus! Here’s your line-up of must-see events featuring all kinds of crypto interests, from NFTs to social media to gaming. It’s all here at Telos World.

  • First, the chief architect of Telos Douglas Horn will welcome us all at a breakfast speech. We’re getting started right at 9:00 AM — get there early!
  • Then, from 9:30–10:15 AM, Telos’ NFT Curator The Big Gooey will give us the low-down on Mission NFT and what it has to offer for budding NFT creators who want to take advantage of the world’s fastest EVM.
  • Next, the Big Gooey will stick around and moderate a panel about NFTs on Telos, featuring guests like Will Perkins from, Douglas Horn from GoodBlock, and more. We can’t wait!
  • Then at 10:20 AM, we’ll shift gears into the world of decentralized social media! We’ll start off with a welcome from Telos Foundation CMO Justin Giudici, then we’ll talk about music with Christina Lowenstrom and a few musicians from Zeptagram! We’ll round off this section with a presentation on Appics, the social media platform that rewards your passions.
  • Next, at 11:00 AM we’ll talk all about Gaming projects building on Telos, including Reign of Terror, Mysteries of the Moon, Sky Meta,, and Gami.
  • Up next at 11:45 AM, we’ll hear from the winners of the Telos EVM Hackathon, Kluest! Their augmented reality metaverse platform is being used to run a treasure hunt here at Consensus — and we’ll reveal the winner of the contest as well!
  • During lunch from 12:30–2:00 PM, we’ll hear from Betty Waitherero of!
  • At 2:00 PM, we’ll hear from a few Telos Tech Workshops on the Telos EVM 1.0 and 2.0 from the Telos Core Development team.
  • After a drink break, we’ll hear from our final speakers: JT Buice will introduce Jessica Sykora and Susan Peters to talk about Telos Against Trafficking. Then Justin Giudici will close out Telos World with a farewell speech.
  • After that, the Telos afterparty will begin!

It’s going to be an exciting day — make sure to make the most of it at Telos World! It’s where the magic happens.

Beyond Telos World

Outside of Telos World, we’ll man the Telos Booth all day so that we can make strong connections with all kinds of crypto communities, projects, and more. It’s an all-hands-on-deck kind of day — and the Telos Team is ready to go!

Do you have a suggestion for a speaker we shouldn’t miss? Drop us a link in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to check them out! Conferences like Consensus allow us to connect with the brightest minds in the space, build together, and turn our vision of a DeFi ecosystem that is head and shoulders above the current model into a reality for all users.

Telos’ Second Consensus

The second day of Consensus is going to be just as busy and energetic as the first. We’re almost at the end of our Telos Texas Tour — but the connections we’re making here will inspire whole communities about the faster, fairer future that Telos offers!

Once again, remember to visit Telos World and the Telos booth at Consensus for a whole day of exciting events, ecosystem roundups, and so much more. See you there!

One More Day, Stay Tuned

We’ll report back soon with another update to recap our entire Consensus experience! Until then, follow us on all of our socials to stay in the loop about all of the incredible things happening with Telos here in Austin.

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