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This guide demonstrates using the Telos Decide and the Decide Voter mobile app. This article aims to help you become well prepared to be an active part of our governance process. Your entry into Digital Freedom is Telos. Root establishments are independent of any government or centralized organization.

Telos Governance

The Telos blockchain is a highly inclusive platform consisting of contributors such as node operators, builders, and users responsible for the future development and process for approving on-chain business decisions. To operate these processes, Telos created the Telos Decide Governance Engine, a governance system designed to support upgrading the Telos native and EVM protocol utilities and other voting functionalities such as delegating funds to works proposals and voting on Block Producers, proposals, amendments, and elections.

Voting Methods

There are two Telos-built voting applications that users can choose from. These are the Telos decide webapp and Decide Voter mobile app.



  • Have a Telos Account setup
  • Anchor wallet. If you don’t have an Anchor wallet, you can download one here
  • Native TLOS currency
  • System Resources: NET, RAM, CPU (See the guide below for obtaining )

Instructions to Place Your Vote:

  1. Navigate to Telos Decide and Login
Telos Decide Login Page

Log in with Anchor Wallet

While other options are available, we are focusing on Anchor for this tutorial.

  • After you click the Anchor icon, it will prompt you to Launch Anchor.
  • Once you launch Anchor, there will be an identity request sent. Sign the identity request in your wallet that pops up then you will be logged in. Please note that both the Anchor desktop and mobile wallets are supported.
  • NOTE: In very rare cases, you may need to reset/reboot your anchor wallet if there is no signing request.

3. Click “Join Groups” to Register as a Voter

The Telos Decide engine supports various entities and groups that can utilize our governance tools for their purpose. The flexibility makes it a preferred tool for DAOs or projects that would like to hear a community voice.

Due to this great functionality, you will have to join the “Telos Governance Token” group to register as a voter once per account.

Click the Register Button under Telos Governance Token

This will request a signature of the Anchor Wallet, please confirm to add you to the Governance Token Group.

Please note: If your account is “fresh” or you are missing required resources, this may result in an error message. Please refer to “Powering up your account” at the end of this article. This will resolve the issues in most instances.

Click on the Decide dropdown tab and hit Amend Ballots

You are now all set to participate in the Telos governance!

This is the section where all proposals are launched and voted on by participants with their TLOS!

Find the proposal you wish to interact with & vote by clicking on the button under the amendment of your interest to cast a vote.

Place your vote.

After clicking vote, it will prompt you to sign the transaction to cast a vote. Once the transaction executes a success green notification will pop up, and you can also view the transactions on the sidebar.

Decide Voter Mobile App Guide

Install the Decide Voter Mobile App here

Make sure you have Anchor Wallet installed on your Mobile phone and assure the account(s) you are intending to use are imported.

Open up Decide Voter on mobile. Then click on the plus button to import/verify the account by signing the transaction on Anchor mobile.

Identity requests and log in.

Now that you have linked your Telos account with Anchor proceed to the explore button to view amendments

Hit the explore button to check out amendments.

As the overall logic of the Telos Decide System also applies to the Decide Voter app, you now need to join the “Telos Governance Token”. This option will only be visible if you did not join the group previously.

Select the Ballot you would like to vote on and click on it to expand and see more details. Click on the small arrow to enter the ballot.

7. Scroll down the selected Amendment and view the details. Then decide on vote.

8. Cast Vote on a Ballot. Hit Continue on the telos. decide cast action.

9. Lastly, sign the transaction

Please verify that the correct account is selected in this step. In rare cases, if you are voting with more than one account, the drop-down may not change when swapping the account.

Done. Now you can view the updated status on the Amendment page to verify the vote has been accounted for on-chain.

Voila, you now know how to use our Decide System apps and are prepared to be an active part of our governance process! If you have any questions, send a message on our Telegram.

Powering up your account (Optional)

For those of you that have rarely interacted with the native Telos blockchain, either because you are jumping over from Telos EVM or just created a new account, you may have to add CPU, NET or RAM to make it fully operational and gain access to the virtual feeless Telos network.

This is how you can add resources to your account using Anchor Wallet on Desktop.

We usually recommend approximately 0.25–0.5 TLOS RAM and a minimum staked amount of 0.25–0.50 TLOS for CPU and NET. If your account is “brand new”, please note that you will have to purchase RAM before you can stake CPU/NET due to our resource model.

  • RAM, NET, and CPU are needed to terminate the vote action
  • We will be only using 0.75–1.5 TLOS for the network resources
  • In Anchor Wallet, as seen in the image below, purchase 0.25 TLOS RAM and Stake 0.25 TLOS into CPU and NET. Then you will be ready to vote!
  • NOTE: You can also obtain RAM, CPU, and NET on one of the Telos block explorers
Anchor Wallet Resources Tab

To cast your votes, click here.

About Telos

The Telos EVM is the most powerful and scalable Ethereum Smart Contract platform built to power Web 3.0. Telos features a robust, third-generation, ESG-compliant evolutionary blockchain governance system, including smart contracts, advanced voting features, and flexible and user-friendly fee models. In addition, Telos supports the blockchain ecosystem by serving as an incubator and accelerator for decentralized applications through development grants. Build with us.‍

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