Telos EVM Hackathon (tEVM) Is Well Underway

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We’ve had a great response to the Telos EVM hackathon, with twenty incredible entries submitted from over 70 participants. The Telos ecosystem is looking to expand in ways that offer additional benefits to our community. The Hackathon has already had us interact with quite a few projects that we feel will breathe new life into what Telos is. We’re always looking to evolve and innovatively push forward, and we thank all our hackathon participants so far and our future ones.

Everyone is excited to build on the fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and our tEVM Hackathon is the best place to start. Here’s a list of some of our participants, and as we get close to April, we’re sure there will be many more!

  • DAO Drops — Discover new projects and whitelist before the drop.
  • Fittif — A dApp used for fitness and earns tokens that can be swapped or redeemed for merchandise.
  • Gnosis Safe Community Edition — Offering a basic set of multi-sig features for crypto assets on the Telos EVM.
  • MintedVodka — The complete multichain toolbox for NFTs.
  • Neural Fungible Tokens — NFTs generated by minting a word and having a neural network dream up what that word feels like.
  • Super pay platform — An end-to-end platform for real-time digital finance, making online payments with cryptocurrencies mainstream.
  • Telos’ Yield Optimizer — An innovative yield optimizer with improved tokenomics to boost the yield to farmers.
  • tSnap — An open-source snapshot and airdrop manager for Telos EVM

The Telos EVM hackathon is open for participation until April 3, 2022, and all winners will be announced by April 11, 2022.

We invite you to check out the hackathon website for rules, prizes, submission forms, judges, and more details on this exciting competition.

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