Telos NFT Grants Program Rewards First Recipient

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With great pride, we announce today that Andrea Reade is the first official recipient of a Telos NFT Ignite grant.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Andrea as an artist and educator over the last year. Her conviction and dedication to her art are as stunning as her ability to create and foster community growth as she navigates the NFT space. An accomplished visual artist in her own right, Andrea’s work in the NFT field has garnered her many accolades that aren’t bound up in a single chain, and she has established a voice that is uniquely her own. I recall when we met up in NYC. She sold a work of art at a gallery during NFT NYC and made time to connect with the buyer of that NFT.

Andrea’s work draws deeply on mystic, divine, and powerful feminine themes to create stunning collage works. I am continually impressed by her strong command of the medium and her gracious and humble approach to educating even the newest web3 users. Andrea sat down for an AMA with our NFT community, and it was apparent from the beginning that she is much more than an artist. Her methodical approach to understanding the technology that proliferates her art left me dumbfounded about how I could have so many blind spots even in what I consider seasoned knowledge. Her eagerness to share that information so that others can excel makes her such a vital piece of what the NFT space needs to grow and scale in healthy and meaningful ways.

We couldn’t be more pleased to have someone like Andrea set the tone for what we are trying to build here on Telos; authentic, driven, and, most of all, community-minded individuals that share our values.

Please join us in welcoming her to the fold; we eagerly anticipate the fruits of her labor.

-The Big Gooey

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