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The Telos NFT team proudly announces that Andrea, the inaugural Telos Ignite Grant recipient, will release her Crown and Palette Exclusive 1/1 NFT Collection to be auctioned off soon. The Crown and Palette collection is a must-have for every art fan. Each piece features uniquely designed artwork created by one of the industry’s most outstanding female digital artists.

Read further to learn more about Andrea, the motivation behind this outstanding collection, and how you can participate in the upcoming auction on November 15th.

About Andrea:

Andrea is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist that creates intuitive conceptualized artworks tailored to women empowerment, astrology and spirituality themes using 2D collage & AI mediums. Her work evokes profound emotion and a sense of enlightenment to create a space for healing and self-awareness of the collective’s unique vibration. She has been featured in various blogs, interviews, podcasts, exhibits and galleries worldwide, is a community leader, spaces host and moderator for Joyn, and a proud member of various Web 3.0 communities.

Collection Name: Let Your Darkness Lead You Home

Collection Description: A collection of three artworks inspired and created during the recent eclipse events and Scorpio Season.

Eclipses are all about changes and opportunities for realignment. Scorpio season is about transformation, symbolic death, & embracing our inner darkness. When we combine them, we are clearing out what was never in alignment with our greatest potential and opening new doors to possibilities & opportunities for growth and happiness. To do this, we must go through the stages of transformation, symbolic death to anything that no longer serves us, a series of shedding, cleansing and purging. But this also means accepting and loving our shadow, as it is also a part of our being. We must hold space to coexist with the darkest and most uncomfortable aspects of ourselves that we want to keep hidden. Like our light, it deserves to be seen, felt and understood, not fixed or suppressed.

It is one of our greatest teachers, helping us to learn not to live in fear of not being accepted and heal our inner child. Having your darkness as your guide on this transformational journey will lead you home to your highest potential. So surrender, let it flow through you, and trust it, as this will create integration and balance of our light and shadow energies, as one cannot exist without the other. “Sometimes to find the light, we must first touch the darkness” — LOTR Piece.

Collection Drop/Auction Details

The collection will be revealed and auctioned off on from November 15 — November 24. Stay tuned to Telos socials for the auction link. Reveals will take place throughout the week!

1: Surrender: Auctioning November 15–18

2: Flow: Auctioning November 18–21

3: Trust: Auctioning November 21- 24

Where you can find Andrea:

Twitter: @crownandpalette

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Crown & Palette Art, abstract art, collage art, digital illustrations, divine feminine, sacred feminine, alcohol ink…

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