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With great pleasure, the Telos Foundation welcomes nuco.cloud, a promising early-stage blockchain project out of Germany, into our ecosystem.

As the first blockchain to receive a grant from the German Federal Ministry of Economics (2018), the innovative team at nuco.cloud has built a suite of DeFi products that allow users to monetize the unused computing power of their phone, computer, or server. This is achieved through the advent of a decentralized supercomputer that provides instant payment in the form of NCDT. Users can then use their tokens to purchase more computing power on the nuco.cloud platform or exchange it for other crypto or FIAT currencies.

The global cloud computing market is expected to grow to approximately $950Bn (USD) by 2026, with few viable energy sharing and usage solutions to mitigate this staggering growth. As such, nuco.cloud’s proven technology aims to create a future in which individuals, small businesses, and large companies can all utilize their decentralized cloud computing platform and benefit from it.

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How does your project benefit the Telos Community ?

With nuco.cloud, the Telos community will have the opportunity to learn about the first-ever government-funded crypto project in Germany and monetize the unused power of several networks, such as their cellphones and computers.

Why did you choose to build on Telos ?

The decision to use TELOS technology for our Native Token was made due to the possibility of offering both fast and highly cost-effective transactions for our miners, especially with regard to microtransactions with small volumes. For example, it makes no sense for our miners to pay fees of 10 USD for a transaction with a volume of 5 USD, as is the case with Ethereum. In addition to the technology, we were particularly impressed by the TELOS team, the uncomplicated, direct, and friendly contact, and the helpfulness.

About Nuco.cloud

Nuco.cloud is a sharing economy platform for network computing based on BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing), originally created by a team based at Space Science Laboratory in 2002 to support scientific research in need of large computing calculations.

The nuco.cloud platform allows you to monetize the unused computing power of your smartphone, computer, or server through our easy and simple to use nuco.client app.

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