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The dust has seemingly settled from the market depression caused by the onslaught of lending and exchange platform insolvencies and other top-tier protocols crashing altogether. This turmoil starting to subside is excellent news for Telos as we have a backlog of exciting developments we are ready to release. If it seems like we have been quiet, that is certainly not the case — we have been putting several initiatives together that we are now ready to start releasing over the coming months.

As for August, we have made immense progress. Regarding tech upgrades, sTLOS beta testing is underway, and we’re thrilled with the progress we’re making! We were also proud to release For those who don’t know, Antelope is the new name for our core code base. Antelope is ready to empower developers globally with a high-performance, open framework for Web3. We are proud to be one of the leaders pushing the framework forward and excited that the new brand is finally out there in the wild. The Antelope Leap 3.1 upgrade release validators will be upgrading over the upcoming weeks.

We are confident that the hard work we’ve put in on all fronts will continue to establish Telos as a driving force for Web3 adoption. Stay tuned as we release information about operational improvements and economic adjustments requiring community voting approval. We cannot understate how excited we are about the coming month.

Justin Guidici, Telos Foundation CEO

Liquidity & Exchanges Team

During August, the liquidity and exchanges team has been working on improving the internal team structure, deal flow process, and the strategy moving forward for the Telos Liquidity incentive program. In addition, we have taken actions to rebalance our accounts, planned the roadmap for the rest of the year and have been working to close some deals with prominent DeFi and CeFi platforms. During September, we expect to share the news of these deals to the public — deals we have been working on for quite some time — and also roll out the incentive program.

We are also looking for more members to join our team. If you have a good understanding & experience of the DeFi and CeFi landscape, we would be interested in connecting to see if you would be a good fit. Please reach out to

-Sukesh Tedla, Exchanges and Liquidity Team Lead

Marketing Team

August kicked off with the much-anticipated Mission NFT winners. Initially, the competition reward pool was set to award 25,000 TLOS to the top five projects and one 50,000 TLOS prize to the ‘’Gooey Pick’’. However, due to the superb quality of the submissions, we thought it deserving of awarding 1,000 TLOS as a token of support and appreciation to the five runners-up. We look forward to seeing how the communities of our winners and the rest of the submissions develop and grow within the Telos NFT ecosystem in the coming months. You can read the Mission NFT winner’s article here.

We are approaching an exciting moment in the history of Telos. Telos Core Developers are poised to launch a list of products and upgrades over the next six months that greatly benefit our community and DeFi users beyond. The marketing team is working closely with TCD to develop new content, craft campaign frameworks, and fine-tune a new influencer strategy to ensure these releases receive the exposure it deserves. First on the list is ERC-4626 liquid staking solution,sTLOS. TLOS ERC-20 token holders can stake their tokens for an attractive APY (to be announced). Expect influencer content, community contests, podcasts and shareable creatives following its release.

Other upgrades, such as EVM 1.5 and the 2.0 supernode, are also on track, and marketing is ready to push out all announcements regarding this progress when they become available.

We also finalized our brand messaging architecture. We took a fresh look at our vision, mission, principles, and unique positioning Telos offers. This rebranding was timed perfectly with the formation of the Antelope Coalition — a new path forward for EOSIO-built networks UX, WAX, EOS, and of course, Telos. This revitalized clarity in our brand message will bring a new layer of focus to our marketing campaigns and will serve as the inspiration for building a completely revamped Telos website.

-Telos Marketing Team

Telos Core Development

August was a month of significant progress for the TCD. This included further developments of our most anticipated Core and EVM items while simultaneously improving multiple apps.

Our team relaunched Telos Docs, our ultimate repository and initial touchpoint for new users and developers who wish to connect with and build on Telos. The site is now relaunched with fully revised, brand-new content and backend. Further amendments will follow, and the new documentation website is a giant leap from our previous documentation pages!

Here are some updates on key deliverables:

  • Open Block Explorer — This sprint focused on bug fixing and integrating our block explorer’s possible IBC/Multichain approach. We are proceeding to simplify the MSIG (Multi-Signature) features, including the easy selection of signing accounts based on defined permissions. As an additional expert feature, the integration of CLEOS will soon be available.
  • Teloscan — Also received further updates and bug fixes. We are working on a thoroughly revised token and owner list that awaits the EVM 1.5 release. The user interface for sTLOS is progressing well, though we had to redirect resources to apply fixes to another Telos app.
  • EVM 1.5 — The new indexer is deployed on testnet, and we are delighted with the performance and results. A full re-index of the chain is required as we are emitting new EVM transactions for native deposits/withdrawals and have adjusted the block headers for EVM. The re-indexing process is expected to run less than 7 hours based on our design.
  • With the EVM 1.5 indexer, we have once again built a top-notch component that outperforms the function of many other available tools!
  • The ability to communicate directly between native and tEVM is unprecedented and opens various features for our existing and future APPs. Using a random number generator and the native Oracle are only two examples of the possibilities, and this more to follow! We simplified the stack to run EVM 1.5 from 8 services/containers to only 6, which is a significant improvement. Based on further improvement of the deployment tools, we are now offering a new option to run the stack for intermediate users, which is not entirely automated like “tevmc” but more versatile.
  • EVM 2.0 Super-Node — Our team continues to make excellent progress with the components and concepts of the Super Node. EVM 1.5 assisted us in validating some of the concepts and procedures. We are spending significant time ensuring compatibility with the latest Ethereum developments. Our work was specifically directed to a refined Ethereum-like block structure for EVM (fork detection) and the merge of current EVM transactions with structures inside the new version. We also focused on developing a nodeOS module for interacting with EVM 2.0 via a complete set of RPC functions.
  • sTLOS EVM Single Asset Staking — All contracts were audited by Sentnl. Work on the ERC4626 contract requires some minor bug fixes since we identified an issue during testing; the same applies to the ESCROW unstaking contract and the Telos native REX contracts.
  • Telos Native and upgrade to Antelope Leap 3.1 (formerly known as EOSIO Mandel) — All Telos system contracts are updated and tested. We have improved the process for custom changes so they can easily be applied on top of the official Mandel repositories. Please visit for detailed information about the features and enhancements that will come with Mandel. The most anticipated fix will resolve a REX bug currently preventing the withdrawal of funds in some rare instances.

-Kersten Wirth, Program Manager on behalf of Telos Core Development

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