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A Message From the CEO

Throughout September, Telos was present at well-known blockchain events around the world and was an integral part of the first hackathon ever hosted by Harvard University. We also welcomed the launch of several key initiatives, namely the Telos Fuel Liquidity Incentive Program (TFLIP), one of our most extensive growth campaigns to date. The fundamental purpose of TFLIP is to develop a competitive DeFi ecosystem within tEVM and Telos Native, dramatically increasing TVL and achieving sustainable DeFi Composability.

After many weeks of planning, Telos devised a multi-phased approach to be executed over the next 14 months. It included the successful launch of our much-anticipated sTLOS liquid staking for tEVM — a necessity to help balance staking incentives between Native and EVM users. It also features the Telos Economic Development Plan 3 (TEDP3): a comprehensive plan that details the reallocation of TLOS funds across different branches of our network to hire additional resources, onboard new projects, ensure a more optimal user experience, and ultimately improve our overall growth trajectory.

As mentioned previously, another essential part of Telos’ success relies on connecting with leading voices in the blockchain community locally and worldwide. We were honored to be a part of Hack Boston, Harvard’s first-ever DeFi event that introduced the next generation of DeFi innovators to the Telos ecosystem. Over 300 students from Harvard, MIT, and other Ivy League colleges attended the event, participated in workshops, and competed in a hackathon for Telos-sponsored prizes.

Looking abroad, Telos team members attended important DeFi events in Singapore, Kenya, Spain, the U.S.A., and Argentina to share the news of the industry-leading technology that Telos is building.

Our Q3 report is coming up — and we’ll provide a more detailed account of our successes over the last quarter and the excitement we share leading into Q4.

Justin Guidici, Telos Foundation CEO

Exchanges and Liquidity Team

Throughout September, the Liquidity and Exchanges team zeroed in on finalizing details, partners, and the timeline for the recently unveiled Telos Fuel initiative. The proposal, which was over two months in the making, aims to expand Telos’ DeFi ecosystem across various sectors and increase our overall TVL. Our team has secured a significant number of partners to ensure a successful launch, and our whole focus will be on making Telos Fuel a massive success over the next several months.

Key Deliverables from September:

  1. Telos Fuel Plan and announcement
  2. Secured partners to launch Telos Fuel.
  3. New team structure announcement

Sukesh Tedla, Exchanges and Liquidity Team Lead

Marketing Team

September was an eventful month for Telos, with our recent announcement of Telos Fuel taking center stage. This massive proposal aims to propel Telos’ DeFi architecture with the distribution of 54 million TLOS to increase TLOS liquidity, boost TVL, and lay the foundation of a sustainable and composable DeFi ecosystem.

The marketing department is working hard to implement an electrifying campaign with unique visual branding, a website, and a series of marketing collateral in sync with roadmap updates over the coming months.

September also welcomed the Telos Liquid Staking (sTLOS) campaign. It includes a collection of promotional content that will feature sharable infographics, articles, motion graphics, and video, as well as an influencer campaign which will take advantage of our newly structured influencer strategy.

Lastly, we are excited to announce that we partnered with one of the leading blockchain PR firms (Market Across) to extend the reach of our marketing campaign. With the focused narrative of Telos being home to the fastest EVM and poised for explosive growth, we have been working closely with Market Across to syndicate a series of compelling content to top-tier Web 3 channels and content producers. We expect this will serve as a catalyst to reach new audiences and continue to increase awareness around Telos.

We are set to announce a series of product upgrades from Telos Core Developers next month. We have developed a cohesive content strategy that weaves these technical updates in harmony with Telos Fuel to promote this exciting phase of acceleration for Telos.

Telos Marketing Team

Telos Foundation Operations

As the Telos Foundation looks forward to Q4, the Operations department has continued to build the necessary team & structure to support the newly created TF Business Units. As previously stated, the TF has restructured to allow for Business Units that focus across industry verticals, including DEFI, NFT, GameFI and Developer Relations. As a result, we can now begin monitoring new KPIs focused on the community growth, DApps and utilization within these areas. We are still in the process of finalizing a Director of DeFi but have filled the leadership roles in all other core Business Units.

By releasing new collaboration structures between Business Development, Marketing & Business Units, we have seen an improvement in tailored marketing, outreach and overall progress. We are very confident that the cadence these areas are building in continues to improve and, as a result, provide flourishing ecosystems for the growing community.

George Vernon, Director of Operations

Business Development

Throughout September, Telos was pleased to welcome legitimate DeFi game-changers to our ecosystem. Here’s a recap of each project:

  • Joyn — — Joyn is a launchpad for communities to be able to build and engage in exciting ways to create true co-collaborative spaces in Web3 environments!
  • Robinos — — A blockchain-based prediction platform allowing users to bet on things like sports and versus events, stake your earned tokens, and more, all on the Telos blockchain.
  • FitEvo — — A multiplayer Move-to-Earn network that allows users to get involved without owning an NFT, rewarding them for keeping active — with no initial starting cost.

A.J. Dinger, Head of Business Development

Telos Core Development Team

Our momentum from the previous month carried us well into September, resulting in a month full of significant milestones for the Telos Core Development (TCD) team.

First and foremost, the launch of sTLOS on the 26th and 27th of September was a key focus for our team. We overcame slight hiccups and are pleased to announce all native/tEVM contracts and interfaces are deployed on our mainnet. Furthermore, a whopping 2 million sTLOS TVL displays the massive interest in liquid staking.

Alongside sTLOS, we released an updated version of the web wallet, improving the overall usability and simplifying the user experience. In addition, we have identified a remaining minor bug that will be corrected very soon.

The introduction and passing of critical proposals to our network rely heavily on governance. Therefore, we relaunched to support voting for the Telos Economic Development Plan 3 (TEDP3). Our team invested significant time in a complete architecture change. The design and features are streamlined, ready for further iterations, and support easy and seamless voting.

We continue to iterate on EVM 2.0 Super Nodes, RNG/Oracle, Token bridges, and Arbitration.

The first concepts of Telos Station are in discussion, and we started to fill our backlogs to fuel the next steps.

Here are some further updates on some of our key initiatives:

  • Teloscan — Received various updates for the transaction detail pages and logs, which led to a much more comfortable and informative interface. We continue our work on the token and owner list, and of course, the sTLOS liquid staking interface is live.
  • EVM 1.5 — We expect to go live on the mainnet in early October. Much of the work is completed, and we are close to beginning the transition of the first RPC nodes. Further updates and release notes will be published soon.
  • Teloscan Indexer — Same as EVM 1.5, the Teloscan indexer is now extremely close. We already use it for internal chain analytics and statistics and can’t wait to make the features accessible.
  • Telos Native upgrade to Leap 3.1 — Telos BPs are in progress with deployments while testnet has been delayed. Mainnet is scheduled to go live on October 26. Updates will follow as we near this date.

Kersten Wirth, Program Manager on behalf of Telos Core Development

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