The Telos Texas Tour Continues With Consensus !

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Hello, and happy first day of Consensus! The Telos Foundation team has now fully landed and is excited for days to come here in Austin.

This article will highlight key events we are looking forward to today, day one at the Consensus Festival in Austin, Texas.

Let’s start things off with a schedule of what Telos has in store for our first day at Consensus!

Consensus Day 1 Game Plan

Undoubtedly, one of the events we are most excited about is our very own Telos World held at Meeting Room 2! We’ve got a great day ahead, so we’ll make sure you know how to join in if you’re on the floor at Consensus.

  • The day will start with breakfast being served at 9:00 AM CDT sharp, followed by an opening greeting from Jesse Schulman!
  • Then at 9:30 AM, AJ Dinger will welcome our DeFi projects including OmniDex, Chedda, and Elk Finance!
  • Then at 10:15 AM, CMO Paul Walton will introduce our Telos ESG projects. This includes a special chat delivered by Betty Waithereo at 11:00 AM where she will present about and discuss her green Electronic Waste Tracking DApp in Africa.
  • After a few more chats, including a presentation on the decentralized storage solution T-Drive, we will break for lunch!
  • We will pick back up in the afternoon at 2:00 pm with a Telos Tech Talk from Jesse and Kersten from the Telos Core Development team! After a quick break for drinks, we’ll round out the end of our first day with a fireside chat with some of our fabulous Telos Block Producers.

All the while, we’ll run our AR treasure hunt with Kluest, winner of the Telos EVM Hackathon! The grand prize is 5,000 TLOS and a collection of NFTs. Get caught up on all the details you need here and get ready to scour the conference with your phone and Kluest app in hand in order to win!

Telos Takes Consensus By Storm

Beyond Telos World, there are other special events occurring at Consensus! Here are our top picks for day one at Consensus.

  • NFT Gallery Presented By Filecoin, 9:00–5:00 PM CDT. Stop by any time to see some of the leading artists in the Web 3 Space!
  • Overcoming the Tragedy of the Commons: Crypto Models for a Climate-Friendly Future, 10:00–10:30 AM CDT, Foundations Stage 1. Presented By Hedera.
  • Consensus Foundations: NEAR, 11:00–11:30 AM CDT, Foundations Stage 2. Presented by Hedera
  • Social Tokens and the Future of Loyalty, 2:00–2:30 PM CDT, Explorations Stage 2.

Do you have a suggestion for a speaker we shouldn’t miss? Drop us a link in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to check them out! Conferences like Consensus allow us to connect with the brightest minds in the space, build together, and turn our vision of a DeFi ecosystem that is head and shoulders above the current model into a reality for all users.

From DCentral to Consensus

While we’re here, let’s recap the Dcentral experience! The Telos team had an absolute blast at DCentral. We were blown away by our very own Jesse Schulman’s talk on the power of the Telos EVM, held at the main speaker stage.

We’re so proud that Jesse could spread the word of our powerful, fast, and extremely scalable Telos EVM to new audiences who may not have known about us before.

We were also thrilled to see our NFT Curator The Big Gooey up on the main stage talking about Mission NFT! Gooey was also manning the Telos booth creating custom Telos Punks for NFT creators and curators.

For more on DCentral, check out our full recap here!

Meet Telos at Consensus

The Telos team has a packed day ahead on the first day of Consensus. We can’t wait to hit the ground running on the second stop of the Telos Texas Tour!

Once again, remember to visit Telos World and the Telos booth at Consensus for a whole day of exciting events, ecosystem roundups, and so much more. See you there!

Stay Tuned!

We’ll report back soon with another update to get you ready for day two of Consensus! Until then, make sure you’re following us on all of our socials to stay in the loop about all of the incredible things happening with Telos here in Austin.

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