TLOS Gets Listed on Gate!

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TLOS, the native token of the Telos blockchain, passed the vote to be listed on the exchange! Find out all the details and learn why it’s such a significant milestone for the Telos ecosystem.

We are so excited to announce that TLOS has been listed for trading on! is a central exchange that has been serving traders around the world for nearly a decade. We’re excited to see how being listed on such a high caliber exchange will help to grow the Telos ecosystem!

Details of the Listing

  • BEP-20 and ERC-20 deposits and withdrawals supported initially.
  • Native deposits/withdrawals to follow soon
  • Initial Trading Pairs: TLOS/USDT & TLOS/BTC is a major crypto exchange that maintains high standards of integrity, transparency, and fairness. It’s a major success for the Telos community to be listed on an exchange that aligns so strongly with our own values.

The listing will make TLOS more accessible and easier to trade, hold, and stake. All of this is extremely important in making Telos #RealWorldReady for crypto traders and investors. Pairing this added access with the strength and speed of our network will move Telos closer to competing with the biggest networks on the market.

Listing on will make it easy for individuals to trade their other crypto holdings for TLOS, or to trade TLOS for other cryptos. This will bring new investors into the Telos ecosystem and allow them to easily begin their journey of interacting with native dApps, collecting REX rewards, and getting involved in the Telos network.

New to Telos? Join our Upcoming Welcome to Telos AMA!

We know this new exchange listing will bring more users into the Telos ecosystem. We want to make them feel as welcome as they can, so we’re hosting a newcomer’s event following the event. This event will take place on the Telos Discord channel and will introduce Telos, show off lightning talks with exciting projects, and even feature some games and chances to win TLOS. Read the full details here.

We will also be joining the community for a special AMA on August 20th. Stay tuned for more details soon!

More about Telos

Telos is a third-generation blockchain platform for building fast, scalable distributed applications with feeless transactions.

Since launching its mainnet in December 2018, the Telos network has been developed to power the economies of the future and provide human-scale solutions to global challenges. With these goals in mind, it includes innovative governance features that empower organizations to shift influence and decision-making to a more collaborative and transparent model.

The main features of the Telos ecosystem include:

  • Economic and geographic decentralization to ensure the security and safety of the chain.
  • Equitable pay structure to incentivize node operators (validators).
  • Developer-friendly tools and low-cost deployment.
  • On-Chain Governance
  • Community support, including the Telos Works proposal system and grant making for new projects, from the independent Telos Foundation.
  • Proper economic decentralization to ensure the security and safety of the chain.
  • Developer-friendly tools, developer grants, and low-cost deployment.
  • dStor decentralized storage solution with an InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) in its stack.
  • Core dev team of 30+ members and an auxiliary team of 100+ developers.
  • Decide voting tools which compile boilerplate voting functions into a single chain-wide service.
  • A chain that focuses on DACs, DOAs, and dBusinesses.
  • TBNOA – Telos Blockchain Network Operating Agreement.
  • Telos EVM, allowing Ethereum (solidity) contracts to be deployed on Telos.
  • A growing list of over 100 dApps.