It’s now easier than ever to purchase TLOS

Getting TLOS is now as simple as buying and withdrawing EOS from your favourite exchange. We are going to show you how! Before we get started though, do you have a Telos Account? You will need one to follow along, create an account.

The Step by Step

1. Purchase EOS

Purchase EOS on your favourite exchange, for this we recommend any exchange that allow you to purchase EOS with a card or bank account. Examples that come to mind include Coinbase, Gemini and Kraken.

Doesn’t matter how or where you get EOS, this next step works from any EOS account whether it be custodial or not.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 11.10.37 pm.png

2. Withdraw your EOS and let some simple DeFi do its magic!

Normally a user would transfer their exchange EOS to an account they control on EOS network but our goal right now is to receive TLOS on the Telos Network in the least amount of user actions. The ‘tradefortlos’ smart contract on EOS was created for this very reason.

Getting TLOS now just requires one simple but carefully formatted transaction.

This is what the withdrawal transaction should look like:

To : tradefortlos

Memo : your_telos_account _here


Amount : 2.0373 EOS

See below example from CoinbaseWhats important is the ‘To’ field and the memo being your account name:

In the above example the Telos account receiving the 2.037 worth of EOS in TLOS is nt311telos11
In the above example the Telos account receiving the 2.037 worth of EOS in TLOS is nt311telos11

Once you have double checked your sending to tradefortlos and the memo is your telos account name then click continue to submit the transaction.

3. Check you recieved the TLOS successfully.

Within seconds, a cross chain exchange will have taken place and the TLOS will arrive in the your TELOS account via simple but highly effective DeFi!

See example of recieving transacation on bloks

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 12.33.21 am.png

Pretty simple huh? If you happen to have a EOS account just remember you can buy TLOS in seconds by sending EOS to the tradefortlos account via any wallet. Always remember to paste your telos account in the memo though!


This is a public beta and is non custodial. In the background Newdex is used to place market orders, slippage may occur so may not be appropriate for larger orders, lost funds may occur if not following instructions correctly. We recommend testing with absolute smallest amount you can first and checking to ensure its received by searching your account on