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Advancing Zero Knowledge to Unlock Real World Use Cases

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A cutting-edge product suite built by our Gigabrain team of PhDs, engineers and academics.

zero-knowledge technology


SNARKtor is a protocol for decentralized recursive proof aggregation that can be seamlessly integrated into existing blockchain systems. It significantly advances the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of zero-knowledge technology, facilitating mainstream adoption. By combining multiple transaction proofs into a single proof, SNARKtor enhances blockchain scalability, efficiency, and security.

  • Massive Scalability
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Enhanced Privacy and Security
  • Mainstream Adoption

Hardware-Accelerated zkEVM Layer2

Telos zkEVM

The Telos L2 will leverage the SNARKtor decentralized protocol for scalable SNARKs verification unlocking massively scalable users data protecting applications, regulator compliance and trustless interoperability.

  • Hardware-Accelerated Co-Design
  • Ethereum compatibility
  • Data Protection
  • Scalability

EVM-compatible blockchain

Telos EVM

Telos provides cutting-edge solutions to address the drawbacks developers and users face with other Layer 1 blockchains, such as lagging performance (high latency times & network congestion), limited scalability, and energy consumption.


Hyper-Speed Transactions


Low Gas Fees





Governance and Security

Telos Zero

Telos Layer Zero is the core of the network, focusing on security, governance and block production. It provides the essential foundation for all network activities.

As the base layer of the Telos Ecosystem, Telos Zero gives the entire project a high performance technological foundation, while also serving as the governance layer ensuring decentralized security for millions of users across different chains and Web3 platforms.

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With hundreds of dApps already deployed and a highly engaged and global developer community, there’s never been a better time to start building on Telos.

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100+ dApps

From NFT platforms to DeFi and GameFi projects, some of the most talented developers around the world are building on Telos.

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1000+ Developers

Boasting a truly global developer community, Telos can offer would-be developers a vast network of like-minded technologists to partner and build alongside.

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