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Evolution Path

NOV 29

Telos Evolved 01: Town Hall introducing the team and vision

DEC 18

Telos Evolved 02: Unveiling the Evolved Roadmap

Q1 2024

SNARKtor Technical Whitepaper Release​


Telos Evolved 01: Meet the Team & Vision

We envision Telos as a beacon of innovation, propelling blockchain to new heights. Leveraging Zero Knowledge technology, we're not just enhancing the Telos ecosystem; we're setting a new standard for the entire Web3 and enterprise landscape. Our commitment is to transform Telos into a cornerstone infrastructure, indispensable to major platforms like Ethereum while making blockchain universally accessible, efficient, and vital. 

Watch below for the unveiling of Telos Evolved, our latest developments, critical hires, and new vision catapulting us into a thriving 2024. 

Telos Evolved 02: Unveiling the Roadmap

We've laid out a visionary and cutting-edge roadmap for Telos in 2024. Central to this plan is the management of high-volume transactions enhanced by zero knowledge proofs and the introduction of our Scalable Proof Protocol. These steps are crucial in leading the charge for widespread blockchain adoption, focusing on scalability and protecting user data. Upgrading the tEVM and innovating with a blockchain-as-a-service model will further these objectives. Additionally, the Tekika NFT collection and the Telos ZK EVM Gaming Chain, K2-18, spotlight our strategic commitment to community engagement and exploring the web3 gaming market. These collective efforts are a significant milestone in Telos' journey, merging technological advancements with practical gaming applications and beyond.

Watch below for the unveiling of the Telos Evolved Roadmap.

Telos Evolved 03: SNARKtor Unlocking Potential

SNARKtor represents a massive step forward in the ability to scale the efficiency and cost of zero knowledge technology, helping support mainstream adoption.

SNARKtor will allow for massive scalability of ZKSNarks, allowing for unlocking of many use cases and ultimately allowing Telos to be the center of the usable Zero Knowledge technology. Once built it will allow developers to create more complex, privacy-preserving, and secure systems without compromising on performance or security. This paradigm shift paves the way for broader adoption and more innovative use cases in the quest for truly scalable and versatile blockchain infrastructure.

Watch below to find out more about the real world utility of the Telos SNARKtor technology.