A Beginner’s
Guide to Telos

A decentralized network operated by technologists, builders and trailblazers.


Telos started as a spark of shared belief among a small group of innovators and builders that saw the potential of blockchain and aimed to unlock the capabilities of true scalability and utility to meet the needs of the world. The Telos mainnet launched in 2018 without any ICO or VC funding, thereby avoiding concentrated team funds or token unlocks for early participants.

As the structure of the Telos Foundation and Telos Core Development Team grew and evolved post launch, the project’s direction and tech stack was able to take definitive shape.

The team launched the Telos EVM in late 2021 to enhance compatibility with existing applications, tooling and networks, which then paved the way for Telos’s transition into a true Layer 0 network enabling the creation of new blockchains that utilise Telos Zero Consensus.


Security comes first at Telos, period.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will not achieve mainstream adoption without more secure structures in place for end users, which is why all development and technological output at Telos is thoroughly vetted through rigorous testing procedures and security audits.

Fairness, openness and transparency are the pillars upon which Telos has been built.

While accountability is often promised yet rarely delivered throughout Web3, the structures already in place at Telos dictate that the community itself remains the captain of its own destiny. Major network decisions such as tokenomic changes, which typically are decided by a core team, are instead voted on by TLOS token holders in a transparent manner through the Telos Decide Governance Engine.

The Telos Community serves as the project’s lifeblood.

Alongside its decentralized governance structure, Telos has one of the most dynamic groups of supporters across the entire crypto ecosystem. From a robust and skilled cohort of developers to over 200+ organizational partners and nearly a million passionate everyday retail users and Web3 evangelists, the project is in talented, passionate and engaged hands at all times.


Telos is striving to build a world that supports ultimate scalability and privacy for and between blockchains, individuals and traditional businesses through Zero Knowledge and supporting technology.


Telos has continued to grow and expand steadily since its inception.
Today, the project’s community includes:

30+ core developers
50 validator teams
900,000+ user accounts
160,000+ engaged social followers
200+ partner companies across 150+ countries
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