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SNARKtor represents a massive step forward in the ability to scale the efficiency and cost of zero knowledge technology, helping support mainstream adoption. SNARKtor will allow for massive scalability of ZKSNarks, allowing for the unlocking of many use cases and ultimately allowing Telos to be the center of the usable Zero Knowledge technology. Once built it will allow developers to create more complex, privacy-preserving, and secure systems without compromising on performance or security. This paradigm shift paves the way for broader adoption and more innovative use cases in the quest for truly scalable and versatile blockchain infrastructure.



SNARKtor, a scalable and robust protocol for decentralized recursive proof aggregation. It allows aggregating many proofs for different transactions into a single unique proof.  
This aggregation of what would be many onchain events into a single proof will create a magnitude of increased efficiency.

Use Cases

zk-SNARKs enable a user to prove the possession of certain information, such as being above a specific age threshold, without revealing the actual information itself, like their exact birthday. By facilitating the verification of claims without disclosing underlying data, this technology significantly enhances data protection. It can mitigate the impacts of potential data breaches and reduce the risks associated with sharing personal information, thereby offering a robust approach to safeguarding privacy.

As regulatory requirements around geographic, age, or other legal statutes become increasingly complex, the need for simplicity and efficiency in compliance processes is more relevant than ever. Zk-SNARKs technology, through solutions like SNARKtor, enables companies, applications, and governments to obtain necessary confirmations of compliance-relevant information quickly and cost-effectively, without the need to access the information directly. This approach not only streamlines regulatory compliance but also enhances privacy and data protection by minimizing the exposure of sensitive information.

Leveraging SNARKtor for aggregating multiple Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs into a single on-chain transaction significantly enhances scalability, directly proportional to the count of proofs consolidated. This methodology, exemplified by incorporating 100 individual proofs into one comprehensive SNARKtor proof, leads to substantial reductions in both transaction fees and processing times. Such an approach is crucial for scaling transaction capabilities efficiently, as it allows a multitude of operations to be validated collectively, rather than individually. This not only streamlines the verification process on the blockchain but also offers a scalable solution that mitigates the cost and time barriers traditionally associated with executing a high volume of transactions, thereby unlocking new possibilities for applications requiring extensive computational resources and high throughput.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with blockchain through the use of Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs facilitates a seamless implementation of AI functionalities without necessitating direct on-chain execution. This approach enables the adoption of both current and future AI tooling, circumventing the need for potentially expensive and time-consuming on-chain processes. By leveraging ZK proofs, AI algorithms can validate and process complex operations off-chain, while still ensuring the integrity and privacy of the data. This method not only preserves the blockchain's performance by reducing the burden on the network but also opens up new avenues for incorporating advanced AI capabilities, enhancing the ecosystem's overall efficiency and scalability.


1. Users

Users submit requests for the ZK proofs they want to be aggregated. When the corresponding ZK proof is aggregated and submitted on-chain, the user can submit a transaction referring to the aggregated proof.

2. Schedulers

Special entities that coordinate the proof aggregation process. Specifically, their task is to maintain a sequence of proofs and provide a schedule defining who, how, and when make the computational work of merging proofs.

3. Provers

The actual workers who perform the task of merging proofs according to the schedule provided by schedulers.

4. Submitters

They submit final aggregated proofs on-chain. From the merging protocol perspective their task is to pick up an aggregated proof and include it into a block or submit to the smart contract (depending on the implementation).

Network Chains



A bespoke, fully EVM-compatible blockchain capable of over 15,000 TX and 4000 complex transactions (swaps) per second. Links to third-party verification of these outputs can be found below.

Telos EVM also produces new blocks in 0.5 seconds and benefits from an absence of miners/mempool operators, which mitigates the possibility of front running. 

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(Coming Soon)

The first ZK rollup network to be deployed on Telos. The project will also provide the code and infrastructure (indexer, block explorer and web wallet) for 1000s of new private/public zkEVMs to be deployed by a variety of organizations in the near future.


(Coming Soon)

A cloud-based enterprise offering allowing users and businesses to build, deploy and manage entire blockchain solutions (with or without zk technology) with the click of a button.

Network Layer



An L0 with L1 capabilities through which new chains and/or dApps can be built from and leverage Telos Zero's consensus protocol.

As the base layer of the Telos Ecosystem, Telos Zero gives the entire project a high performance technological foundation, while also serving as the governance layer ensuring decentralized security for millions of users across different chains and Web3 platforms.

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Telos Bridge, Powered by LayerZero

Bridge tokens, NFTs and assets between Telos and other blockchains powered by Telos's partnership with the most trusted and widely used messaging protocol, LayerZero.

Telos Wallet

Friendly signer for the Telos Ecosystem engineered for ease of use and mainstream adoption. Users can log in and sign transactions using popular social media platforms like Google and Meta.

Block Explorer

Teloscan provides the premier Telos EVM explorer experience for developers and users alike.

The Telos Zero Explorer provides the best open source tool for visualizing network metrics on Telos Zero.

Telos Decide

A powerful open source governance engine for building DAOs on Telos Zero.


Telos Network

Learn more about becoming a validator and helping to secure the Telos Network.

TLOS Token

The TLOS token was created without an ICO or VC funding to ensure for ethical and unconcentrated distribution.
Here's an overview of the current tokenomics for TLOS, updated in real time:
350 Million
Circulating supply:
340 Million
Total supply:
350 Million
Staked supply:
TLOS is the digital currency that underpins the entire Telos ecosystem.
Here's an overview of different functions TLOS serves for Telos Zero users and developers:
Governance & Voting
Participate in Telos's on-chain governance system and have a say in key decisions that help lead the project forward.
Unlocking Bandwidth
Allocate TLOS to free up
additional bandwidth for smart contract and network utilization.
Stake your TLOS tokens for a specific period of time in exchange for a set rate of rewards.
TLOS can also be utilized for a variety of functions on tEVM.
Here's a look at what use cases the digital currency enables on one of the project's other core networks:
While fees are negligible across the entire Telos Orbit, they can be paid for in TLOS.
Take advantage of staking on Telos EVM while also tapping into concepts like liquid staking to further diversify your Web3 portfolio.