TLOS Lists on Bitmart !

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We’re excited to announce that TLOS will be listed on the BitMart exchange, next week! With over 5,000,000 customers served across 180+ supported countries, BitMart is a major milestone for increasing the accessibility and awareness of Telos. We’re looking forward to welcoming members of their community into the Telos ecosystem!

Details of the Listing:

  • Deposit Feature: 11/8/2021 15:00 (UTC)
  • Trade Feature: 11/9/2021 15:00 (UTC)
  • Withdrawal Feature: 11/10/2021 15:00 (UTC)
  • Trading Pair: TLOS/USDT

About Bitmart

BitMart’s mission is to bring cryptocurrency to everyone everywhere, believing that decentralized digital currency will reshape the global economy fundamentally. This aligns perfectly with the goals and values that the Telos ecosystem strives to achieve, making them an excellent partner for future growth.

An Exciting Time for Telos!

This listing comes during an exciting time for Telos! The Telos EVM successfully launched at the beginning of this week, alongside the Telos Web Wallet 2.0 ! Additionally a slew of other major pieces of news have been coming out surrounding this milestone, including our recent partnership with OCP, the TelosPunks launch and more pieces of news to come next week!

Big thanks to our Liquidity & Exchanges team for their continued efforts in ensuring that TLOS is more accessible than ever before. This is one of many more milestones to come on the exchanges front, as Telos moves towards mass adoption. We look forward to TLOS being discovered by new traders around the world and hope our community is looking forward to an epic week ahead!