Meet the Telos Foundation Board !

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Our Telos community has officially elected the Telos Foundation board to help Telos reach new heights in 2022 and beyond!

This is a massive technical achievement for Telos. Our on-chain election shows the power of the Decide engine and cements our place as the ESG blockchain. Look forward to a future post that will explore the nuts and bolts of how the election took place and explore what this technical feat means for Telos.

The Telos Foundation is the voice that represents you and every other member of the Telos community to the broader blockchain space. Our newly elected board is ready and able to promote the network, steer the direction of our efforts, and encourage growth in our dApp ecosystem.

Want a recap? Check out our past pieces on the Telos Foundation elections covering this process every step of the way.

Telos Foundation Board Election Results

Your Telos Foundation board consists of the following community members:

Erika Elder (@fernsquirrel)
8.9% of votes
Jesse Schulman (
8.5% of votes
Sukesh Kumar Tedla (@1sukeshtedtf)
8.4% of votes
J.T. Buice (
8.1% of votes
Justin Giudici (
7.5% of votes
Kevin Quaintance (@telosglobal1)
7.4% of votes
Uma Hagenguth (@umahagenguth)
6.5% of votes
Chris Barnes (@chrisbarnes1)
6.4% of votes
Betty Waitherero Njoroge (@bettynjoroge)
6.3% of votes

This on-chain election would be impossible without the hard work of our developers, core team, candidates, current board, and, of course, our Telos community. Thank you to everyone who has brought us to where we are today!

We're excited to welcome the new board members to the Telos Foundation and look forward to hearing more about their vision for Telos.

Prepare to meet the board on Telos Tuesday - Jan 18th 2022!

We know that you're looking forward to meeting the new board members. We'll host a meet and greet on Telos Tuesday, Jan 18th, where we'll welcome in the new Telos Foundation Board.

Come prepared with your questions, and look forward to hearing about their vision for the Telos Foundation and the broader ecosystem. Make sure to follow Telos on social media to stay up-to-date with new events, announcements, and more!