Telos and AnySwap: Building Bridges and Making Waves

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Telos is happy to announce a partnership with AnySwap, looping the revolutionary Telos EVM into a network of top EVM chains! AnySwap is an industry leader in bridging technology and is the most utilized bridge in crypto. 

Read on to learn more about our partnership with AnySwap! You’ll even learn how you can bridge your TLOS by following along below.

AnySwap Highlights

Anyswap is adding the Telos EVM into their network - but what does that mean for the average Telos community member ?


Our new partnership with AnySwap will let our community members easily move tokens like USDC, USDT, ETH, BNB, MATIC, FTM and AVAX  to and from the Telos EVM. This bridge opens up incredible opportunities for decentralized finance (DeFi), NFT purchases, and much more ! 

Anyswap currently has 889 assets in custody, as well as 21 networks with many more in line to deploy. Anyswap pioneered the cross-chain protocol and has built their technology to last: they can handle billions of transactions. Even better, Anyswap’s daily active users, 24H total value locked (TVL), and number of assets and networks are all the highest in the industry.

Anyswap also offers bridges to other popular EVM chains like Polygon Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Fantom. This bridge with Anyswap places the Telos EVM in good company !

Anyswap will provide small amounts of TLOS so that users can buy more TLOS on any automated market makers (AMMs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXes) that launch on the Telos EVM. This partnership lays the groundwork and infrastructure for future DeFi moves from the Telos EVM !

Getting Started: Using Anyswap to Bridge Assets to Telos

So, you’re looking to bridge your crypto assets over to Telos for use on the Telos EVM? We can point you in the right direction. 

This guide from AnySwap will walk you through how to make your first swap on AnySwap. If you’re more of a visual learner, you can watch this video from AnySwap to learn how to make a swap.

If you encounter any issues along the way, members from the AnySwap community may be able to help out. You can check out their Telegram group here.

We hope this is enough information to get you started using the AnySwap bridge ! 

About AnySwap

Anyswap is a fully decentralized cross-chain swap protocol, which enables any blockchain that uses ECDSA or EdDSA as a signature algorithm access to cross-chain bridge solutions. Anyswap has deployed cross-chain bridges for more than 889 projects and has developed 21 chains since its’ launch on the 20th of July 2020. Anyswap has launched its Multichain Router V3 beta mainnet on the 4th of Jun, 2021, this multichain router has three significant features: Non-custodial+MPC, Native Swap, and Multichain Router. This feature allows users to swap between two chains arbitrarily, which reduces fees and makes it easier to move between chains. For more details visit their website.

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About Telos

The Telos EVM is the most powerful and scalable Ethereum Smart Contract platform available today built to power Web 3.0. Telos features a robust, third-generation, ESG compliant evolutionary blockchain governance system inclusive of smart contracts, advanced voting features, flexible and user-friendly fee models. 

Built, tested and verified by developers for real-world mass adoption, Telos remains to be one of the most decentralized blockchain platforms today encompassing two leading protocol technologies in a single blockchain. Telos supports the blockchain ecosystem by serving as an incubator and accelerator for decentralized applications through community votes development grants. For more information, please visit

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